PhD in Web Design

A Phd in web design online is the highest possible degree in the field. This thoughtful degree path delves web design and development with an eye toward teaching. Most web design students are more likely to pursue an associate or bachelor degree. This may be because such students prefer a faster track to the workforce.

Candidates who pursue a Phd in web design online are special. On the other hand, doctoral candidates in web design are a unique set. Part of what makes them unique may be the nature of their program. These candidates pursue a more rigorous web design degree route. Students who earn a web design Phd are likely to be more interested in research and academia. A web design doctoral program gives students a research intensive opportunity. They have the luxury of time to both determine and deeply pursue their passion. Perhaps they'd like to specialize in web theory or want to inspire students like themselves... in a classroom or online. Either way, these types of pursuits often take years to develop.

Students who earn an online web design Phd pursue intensive and broad study. That's because the length of doctoral programs is usually about seven to eight years. So, students have time to study many aspects of web design as well as dive into a concentration.There are a variety of choices for these students when they select a specialty. Web design isn't just about creating websites that look cool with smooth functionality.

There's also the business, consumer, and web development sides of the web design field. In addition, areas of web design study continue to expand in the field the Internet rapidly evolves. This web evolution creates opportunities for students. That includes more schools where they can potentially pursue a Phd in web design online.

Web Design and Development Degree Programs

Web design and development are not interchangeable concepts. However, a Phd in web design online might often include web development coursework. Design focuses on the look and feel of websites while development tends to probe more into the back end functions. Because of this, development and design are a natural combination when it comes to degree programs.

So, when a student earns a doctorate in web design they often also explore development principles and practices as part of their general program. If the design aspect interests them most they might choose a specialty in something like interface graphics. Meanwhile another doctoral candidate in the same program may find coding a more interesting concentration. Thus, although different concepts, web design and development form a useful umbrella for many doctoral candidates in the field.

Curriculums for a Phd in Web Design Online Degree

One of the advantages for students in doctoral programs is a wide variety of choices. This is especially true in web design and development - a particularly diverse field of study. Still, there are commonalities among Phd programs. Some parts of a doctoral curriculum are fairly standard and can be expected. For instance, in any doctoral program students will typically write a dissertation in their particular specialty.

Most students spend the first two years of a graduate program fulfilling requirements to complete the master degree level. They often choose a concentration during this phase. Examples of some dissertation topics for web design doctorate cover a variety of concepts. These might include: virtual space, user interaction, humanizing elements, and information saturation.

Classes in a Phd Web Design Online Program

PhD students in web design choose a specific area of focus for their dissertation. Examples might be e-marketing trends or perhaps the future of web animation. While others might decide to earn their PhDs purely in graphic design. Even with a general degree program topic such as that, student designers study many aspects of web design.

Doctoral candidates also have the chance to pursue additional subjects such as e-marketing theory, database design, web graphics production, and website management. That's because web design, while artistic, also serves an end user and engages them onscreen. There are practical functions and the people who use them to consider at every stage of web design. Some of the fundamental classes a Phd candidate in web design might take include the following sample selection.

Design of Complex Websites

This course provides students with necessary skills to build websites, as well as how to use software tools. In the first half of this course students learn the ideas and concepts behind web design; particularly recent changes to HTML and CSS standards. They also cover responsive web design with an end user in mind. The class also explores programming in order to teach an interface-friendly approach to web design.

Programming I

An introduction to Java and Java programming, this class also incorporates computers in general. It teaches how programs are developed to solve problems. The subject matter includes a look at the Java environment and should be good preparation for future courses in data structures, databases, and other topics. Upon completion, the student will likely be able to analyze problems and construct program solutions.

Pervasive Interaction Design

This advanced design course focuses on interactive applications for emerging mobile technologies. Largely studio-based, this class is often a seminar-long group project with multiple milestones. There will be various readings and discussion relevant to the main topics. Also, the class includes brief lectures to introduce and frame course concepts, design methods, and technical tools. Students will also discuss readings, perform in-class exercises, and engage group lab time. Some programming will be required to complete prototype activities. Students are given choices and flexibility in the platforms and languages they use for this class.

Information Architecture

The architecture of information for any enterprise is rarely somebody's specific job. This course examines the progress of Information Architecture theory. Students learn website architecture, architects, and architectural-critical theory. In this class students engage and examine arguments for how and why it works or doesn't work. They learn how to apply architectural thinking and practices in complex information spaces. Also, classes design structures that make complex ideas clearer.

Database Application Design

This course is an introduction to database management systems. It covers both theory and practice. These topics include database design, use, and operation. Most of these classes use the database language SQL. Some topics in physical database design are also discussed. An essential part of the course is a programming project. During this, students design and develop a practical database system. The system could be for library access, electronic commerce, information access, or a similar application.

Career Prospects for a Web Design Phd

Professors in postsecondary schools typically need a Phd in the subject they teach.[v] Luckily for those teaching web design, the industry is growing rapidly which creates demand for their particular expertise. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics describes computer systems design as "constantly evolving and in high demand."[vi] There's particularly good news for those with a doctorate in web design too because academia's career potential continues to grow. The BLS projects faster than average postsecondary teacher employment from 2014 to 2024. That's because enrollments in postsecondary education continue to rise.[vii]

Many professor jobs of today seem to shift into part time positions. This is because some schools choose adjunct professors rather than the more traditional tenure tracks of yesterday's academia. Web design is particularly well-suited for this career situation, though. Many web design Phds also freelance as graphic designers or web developers. These are rapidly growing industries, with graphic design in computers projected to grow 21% over the next ten years.[viii]

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