Web Design Online Masters Degree

Online Masters in Web Design Degree Programs can help students develop the knowledge, skills, strategy, and resources to help create the coolest websites. Candidates start with a foundation of traditional applications for the back end work as well as art and design aesthetics. Through their program projects, students can learn communication tools, and the craft of user experience. Masters candidates can thus choose from a variety of functional and design practices to find a concentration while they earn a degree.

Used to be when somebody said, "We've all been there," it was the past they spoke of… but these days it's more likely the Internet. In 2016 the Web is a vital part of everyday life for more than three and a half billion users on the planet. The Internet brings the world together, even if just in a shared experience of staring at screens too long. The Web is about that right here and right now experience. The Internet is THE place to be and pursuing an online Masters degree in web design could help you create a part of it. You can be the innovator of your own unique world . . . a website!

Online Masters in Web Design

Online Masters in Web Design: The Essentials

Students typically pursue a Masters in web design after they have completed a bachelor’s degree in a program relevant to the field. Programs relevant to Web Design might include Computer Science, Graphic Design, or Web Development. In fact, Web Development is often considered a sister program to Web Design because the two are interdependent in some ways. That's because the back end functionality side of Web Design closely parallels the type of work Web Development does. Both are geared to create a user friendly interface and all the backstage machinery it takes to do so.

Generally speaking, Masters degree programs of all kinds take about one to two years of full time coursework to complete. This can be done in a traditional campus environment or online. Luckily, these days many schools offer Web Design Online Masters Degree programs. These are often a convenient and time efficient way to earn a degree for many students. Some may pursue a Masters degree to strengthen their resume and experience because they have a career-focused mindset.

Others, on the other hand, might be more interested in research master’s degrees. These tend to focus on academic subjects, and generally demand more research and writing than professional Masters degrees. Candidates like this may just pursue a Masters for the sake of the learning itself or they might want to eventually teach. Perhaps they'd even like to further their education with a doctorate after earning a Masters degree. There are several possible motives; all of which might be well served by an Web Design Online Masters Degree.

Curriculums for an Online Masters in Web Design

There are many motivations to pursue an online masters in web design and even more paths such a student might take in that pursuit. Web Design is a vital and evolving field of study because the Internet is an ever changing world. Still, there are fundamentals to every program of study and Web Design is no different on that account. Following are some examples of the basics a student will likely encounter in an online masters in web design Curriculum.

Interactive Web-Based Applications Creation

Applications are the forerunners of the interactive experience. This class teaches the essentials for web page creation on a user friendly website. Students learn to make pages that function in a seamless and productive way for visitors so they keep coming back.

Design & User Experience Principles

The other side of user experience is the delight of an aesthetic design. Thus this program is essential to the field of Web Design. Students learn the principles of exceptional design and how they apply specifically to a web user's perception and interaction.

Information Architecture

Design isn’t just about how things appear and can often be more about how they are constructed. Architecture is a good example of this. With websites the information follows a certain pathway and the format of that is carefully planned out by the web designer and development team. Students in this type of online masters in web design program learn about how that process works and the strategies used to form tightly constructed paths for seamless functionality.

Web, App & Mobile Solutions

Sometimes a website is super cool and fun but when you try to access it on your phone or tablet this coolness factor fades. This critical element of Web Design grows in importance as more people visit websites on devices other than computers. Students in this Online Masters in Web Design program learn how to ensure that the essential elements of websites translate to any platform used.

Online Masters in Web Design Degree Courses

With such a variety of Masters degree programs in web design, it naturally follows that many different courses arise. Depending on the school, program and student, the classes offered for this course of study might be very different. However, there are fundamental classes in most programs. Below are some classes you might expect to see in a Web Design Online Masters Degree program.

Website Management

This class teaches all the backstage dynamics that go on with a website. Students learn how to manage things like broken links on a webpage or missing files as well as usability tools. The course focuses on all the back end aspects that help keep a website running smoothly.

Interface Design

Students learn about keeping it as simple as possible in this course. Interface design creates a user experience for the page visitor, so the goal is to keep it as easy and seamless for them as possible. Efficiency is key and this class teaches how to keep the user goals in mind while ensuring they stay on the site to achieve them.

Operating Systems

This may seem like the Everest of Web Design classes because Operating Systems might seem complex and potentially intimidating. However, this class is a crucial step in polishing back-end skills. The in-depth learning gained in this class helps students become more efficient coders, better debuggers, problem solvers and collaborators.

Web Programming

Programming remains fundamental to any online masters in web design program. That's because it's all about how to take ideas and actually make them appear on the webpage: We're talking about coding. This is where the magic happens. Students type symbols and words in one place then find they've created a design entity in another, just like that. All it takes is learning the ways of the code. The best part is that once it's learned, it works the same every time. So, students can evolve to higher level coding continually.

There are likely additional specific topics you’d like to cover while earning an online masters in web design degree. So, make sure to check the curriculum of each program you’re considering. Feel free to check out our relevant listings right here on eLearners.com. Then, if you have any questions, be sure to reach out to the school itself. There are many different programs. So, there's a feast of possibilities you can explore.

Web Design Career Prospects

You may not be surprised to learn that a career you might pursue once you’ve completed a Masters in Web Design web designer or developer.ii Both job titles may work on a wide range of web site-related tasks, from technical construction to layout design to maintenance. In 2015, Web Designers and Developers earned median annual wages of $64,970 and the profession is projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to grow by 27% between 2014 and 2024. This growth rate is much faster than the national average for all professions.

Get Started in Web Design Online

If you’re ready to start preparing yourself to pursue a career in this fast-growing field, don’t go anywhere! You can begin your search right here on eLearners.com. Just click around our sponsored listings. If you see any online masters in web design program that you think you might like, don’t hesitate to reach out to the school itself for additional information.

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