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Earning a Communication Sciences and Disorders Masters Degree Online

Students pursuing a communication sciences and disorders masters degree online know that their studies may help prepare them to pursue a career helping others find their

voices. Communication disorders are common and may take many forms, include speech, language, swallowing and fluency disorders.i To help those affected by these disorders learn to communicate more effectively, it takes a knowledgeable student with certain qualities, including compassion, listening skills, analytical skills, critical thinking and an attention to detail.ii By earning a masters in communication disorders, you may not only be able to assist in treating patients with these disorders, you may be able to identify and diagnose the disorders in the first place.

Communication Sciences and Disorders Masters Degree Online

Essentials of Pursuing a Communication Sciences and Disorders Masters Degree Online

To enroll in communication sciences and disorders masters degree programs, applicants normally may have to meet a few requirements. The most important is having previously earned a bachelors degree. Master’s degrees are considered graduate, or second-cycle degrees, meaning students must have met a certain level of higher education achievement before enrolling.iii

For a masters of communication science and disorders, the requirements may be a little more specific. Depending on the communication sciences and disorders masters degree online program, you may need to have earned a bachelors degree in a specific subject or major.ii While this is not true of all programs, it’s something to look into when comparing your options.

Some communication sciences and disorders masters degree programs may have admission requirements that are less strict, but they still may ask that applicants have completed certain courses before enrolling.ii You should contact any school you’re considering to see whether or not their program has such requirements, and what they might involve.

Once you’re enrolled, a master in communication science might take about two years of full-time study to complete.iii Masters degree programs may typically offer very specialized, advanced coursework in their field. This rigorous course of study may help prepare students to pursue a challenging career in communication sciences and disorders.

Coursework Options in Communications Sciences and Disorders Masters Degree Programs

While most students studying to earn an online communication sciences and disorders masters program may need to ultimately learn much of the same knowledge, the paths taken to get there may differ. Depending on the school and program, the courses offered or required in these programs may not be the same. Different students may have different goals and interests and could take separate paths to the same destination.

Some Classes You Might See

If you’re interested, though, in what the general topics covered in an online masters in communication science degree program might be, the following topics could be potential examples:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Speech and swallowing disorders
  • Fluency
  • Motor speech
  • Neurological communicative disorders
  • Dysphagia
  • Articulation disorders

If there are specific courses you’re looking to take while earning an online communication sciences and disorders masters degree, be sure to reach out to each school you’re considering to see what their curriculum might entail.

Certification in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Once you’ve earned a communication sciences and disorders masters degree online, you may have a wealth of knowledge in the subject, but you might still not have all the qualifications necessary to pursue certain careers in the field. Many communicative sciences careers may require jobholders to earn, if not at first than after a certain amount of time, a special certification in their discipline.ii Speech-language pathologists, for example, may need to earn a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology, which is awarded by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.ii This could involve earning a master’s degree in the field, as well as completing a certain amount of field work.ii

When looking into careers that you might pursue after earning a masters in communication science degree online, keep in mind that you may need to investigate what certifications could apply. Not all positions may require certification, but it may help improve your job prospects.ii Additionally, some kinds of certification might be contingent on students having earned a master’s degree from a specially accredited program, possibly one approved by an agency such as Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.ii

Career Pursuits with a Masters in Communication Science

As mentioned earlier, one potential career pursuit for students that have earned a master’s degree online in communicative science and disorders could be as a speech-language pathologist.ii In this field, which is growing at a rate much faster than average, the median yearly salary in 2015 was $73,410.iv Job responsibilities may include the assessment and diagnosis of communication disorders.iv Also known as speech therapy, this discipline may include prescribing certain treatments for these disorders, and working with patients to carry out these treatments.

Fun Fact

Between 2014 and 2024, the ranks of speech-language pathologists are expected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to grow at a 21% rate, much faster than the average job growth!iv This comes out to 28,900 new positions.iv

Another position you might be able to pursue after having earned a communication sciences and disorders masters degree online is as a speech-language pathology assistant.v While some positions in this discipline may be available to candidates holding only a bachelor’s degree, 24% of those polled by O*Net reported that a master’s degree was the entry-level education These professionals may typically assist speech-language pathologists with their duties, which could involve monitoring communication devices or ensuring that patients are adhering to treatment plans.v In 2015, the annual median wages for speech-language pathology assistants was $35,780.vii The position, while not expected to grow as quickly as speech-language pathologists, is still slated for a faster than average growth until 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.vii This may be another reason to consider earning a Communication Sciences and Disorders Masters Degree Online.

Start the Search!

Students looking to begin their search for the perfect communication sciences and disorders masters degree program can start looking right here on Our sponsored listings will show you examples of programs that are out there, and if you’d like to learn more about any of them, feel free to fill out the forms to request more information. Don’t hesitate to ask what requirements there might be for admission, as well as for graduation. And don’t forget to ask about classes you know you want to take! This is the first step on your journey toward a masters in communication sciences and disorders, and we wish you continued success as you strive toward your goal!

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