Medical Assistant Salary & Job Outlook

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As a career, medical assisting could be a great way to jumpstart a career in the healthcare industry and even gain valuable skills that may be sought after by today’s healthcare employers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, jobs and industries related to healthcare are supposed to add the most new careers between 2012 and 2022 with total employment anticipated to increase by 15.6 million during this decade [i]. This shift could indicate a positive trend for healthcare careers like medical assisting.

Check out the potential medical assisting salary and job outlook below to see what a career in medical assisting could mean for your future.

medical assisting salaryMedical Assisting [ii]

Median Annual Medical Assisting Salary: $29,370

Job Projection: 29%


Medical Office Manager [iii]

Median Annual Salary: $81,080

Job Projection: 12%


Medical Secretary [iv]

Median Annual Salary: $35,330

Job Projection: 12%


Medical Record Technician [v]

Median Annual Salary: $34,160

Job Projection: 22%


Medical Transcriptionist [vi]

Median Annual Salary: $34,020

Job Projection: 8%

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