Online Masters Degree in Pharmacology

Have you ever dreamed of pursuing a prestigious profession within the medical field? Do you have what it takes to venture down a career path that will challenge you, but may ultimately prove well worth your while? If you've ever contemplated pursuing a career in the healthcare track, then you may want to take the first steps to pursue that objective by enrolling in a Pharmacology Masters Degree online.

Pharmacology Masters Degree Online

Pursuing a career as a pharmacist is a commendable accomplishment that takes ample time and effort to achieve. While you will eventually have to complete a PhD program so you could pursue work as a licensed pharmacist, the only way to jumpstart this career path is to earn a master's in pharmacology - potentially a Pharmacology Masters Degree Online if that's more convenient for you. By completing this first advanced degree, you could acquire a wealth of knowledge in a variety of subjects essential to this line of work, allowing you the opportunity to begin compiling invaluable expertise that may serve you well - no matter which professional route you pursue in the end. 

A range of potential employment opportunities in pharmacology

Although you may think that earning an online master's in pharmacology locks you into going on and pursuing your PhD, that doesn't necessarily have to be the case. You could also choose to take the insight you've gained from your already extensive education in this faculty, earn your doctorate and pursue a career as a pharmacist.

However, there are many other professions that you could pursue after earning your master's degree in pharmacology. For instance, you may want to look into the world of academia and research. At the same time, if you become passionate about healthcare over the course of your studies, you could always apply to medical school and pursue becoming a physician. An online master's degree in pharmacology may be your stepping stone to a number of different career paths. 

Possible salaries in pharmacology

Once you have earned your online master's degree in pharmacology and pursued one of the many potential avenues, you may encounter a number of potential salaries associated with whichever occupation you ultimately choose. Take a look at some of the possible occupations that you could one day pursue, as well as the 2012 median incomes compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

  • Pharmacist: Median annual salary of $116,670 (14 percent projected growth through 2022)[i]

  • Postsecondary teacher in health specialties: Median annual salary of $81,140 (19 percent projected growth through 2022)[ii]

  • Primary care physician: Median annual salary of $220,942 (18 percent projected growth through 2022)[iii]

Additional skills for careers in pharmacology

An online master's degree in pharmacology may help prepare you to pursue an eventual career as a pharmacist or other healthcare professional, but there are other skills that you may need to excel. For example, you may need great recall so you can remember all kinds of prescriptions, in addition to their traits, side effect and interactions. You also should be adept at math, science and computers. Lastly, you should have an eye for detail and be as precise as possible, as accuracy is key.