All About an Online Associates Degree in Liberal Arts

If you are interested in earning an associate’s degree but not entirely sure of which field you want to major in, then pursuing an online associates degree in liberal arts may be for you. This program may provide you with a solid foundation of valuable knowledge and skills to aid you, whether you are pursuing your passion or embarking on a new career path.

Due to the general nature of the liberal arts discipline, it allows you to be exposed to a broad range of subjects, including natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts, religion and more.

Common Coursework for Online Associates Degree in Liberal Arts

The requirements for an associates of liberal arts program varies depending on the education institution of enrollment. However, the curriculum is flexible enough to allow students to pursue a concentration in many liberal arts disciplines, such as business administration, psychology, education, writing and fine arts. Common courses[i] students may take include:

  • Public Speaking— Students may develop aptitude, organization and delivery skills for all types of speaking events. They will focus on voice, diction and body language to improve their effectiveness.
  • Humanities—Students may gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural and visual arts from history, religion, music and other mediums.
  • Philosophy—Students may learn about the pursuit of self-knowledge, dating back to ancient Greece.
  • Mathematics—Students may learn how to use math for a variety of functions while building core knowledge in basic mathematical functions.

Students in the liberal arts program may be able to tailor their curriculum to their personal interests as long as they meet program and degree requirements.

What Industries May Employ People Who Earn an Online Associates Degree in Liberal Arts?

Many graduates of the program use their degree to satisfy the preliminary requirements of a bachelor’s degree. Individuals with this type of degree may pursue career paths such as:

  • Human Resources Coordinators[ii]are the public face of the organizations they work for. These professionals are vital to their organization because they oversee staffing and employee operations. They assist in all levels of management and human resources by maintaining and updating employee records, recruiting and training of new staff, reviewing resumes, managing employee benefits and schedules and checking references and backgrounds for accuracy.
  • Administrative Managers[iii]or office managers oversee the day to day operations of their respective organizations. They manage every aspect of the office, including budgets, maintenance schedule, technology, clerical duties and payroll.
  • Copy writers[iv]develop and write marketing and advertising materials for the promotion of goods and services for various entities and organizations.

    Salary Potential and Career Projections

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that earning an Online Associates Degree in Liberal Arts could further prepare students for earning a bachelor’s degree. They also reported students may be more prepared to pursue certain career paths and entry level positions.[[v]

    Career opportunities and salary potential are influenced by many factors, including location, economy, skills and employer. According to O’Net:

  • The median annual salary for Human Resource Managers was $57,420 in 2014[vi]
  • The median annual salary for Administrative Managers was $83,790 in 2014[vii]
  • The median annual salary for Copy Writers was $58,850 in 2014[viii]

Graduates of the liberal arts program may have a variety of education and career paths to pursue. If you are ready to get a jumpstart on your career or education, pursuing an online associate’s degree in liberal arts may be in your future. Not only could it have a major impact on your life, but it may broaden your horizons considerably.

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