Online Doctor's Degree Programs in Communications

The Online PhD Programs in Communications allows in-depth study of communications. Doctoral-level study in communications involves advanced-theory seminars and independent research in a particular area of communications. The doctoral degree is sometimes undertaken at the same time as master-level study. The length of time it takes to complete doctoral-level study of communications online and obtain a doctoral degree depends on your pace, particular subject, and the requirements of the school.

Why an Online PhD Programs in Communications?

Doctoral study online typically begins with seminars on media, rhetoric, politics, and cultural theory and criticism. Research methods and procedures are also examined. To develop as scholars and teachers, students also take courses outside the communications arena, in fields as diverse as anthropology, sociology, history, philosophy, computer science, social psychology, political science, law and policy studies, feminist studies, international and region-based studies, American studies, cultural studies, cinema and performance studies, and critical theory. Students may also pursue independent studies relevant to their research, and participate in colloquiums with other doctoral students to compare progress, share ideas and methodologies, and practice defending their research.

To complete doctoral-level study of communications, the student usually writes a thesis, presenting independent research to a dissertation committee. Some of the professors the student has met outside the communications field may act as part of this committee. The student must also pass written exams.

Someone who has completed doctoral-level study in communications and has attained their doctoral degree could be equipped to be the president of a university or teach at that level.