Earn an Online Masters Degree in Cultural Studies

Online Masters Degree in Cultural Studies programs explore how culture impacts people, politics, beliefs, and more. A cultural studies master’s programs may bring together literary studies, sociology, history, cultural anthropology, and other disciplines.

In addition, students might be able to pursue a particular specialization in the field of cultural studies. These might include focus areas like ethnic studies, gender studies, racial identity, or American media and popular culture.

Online Masters Degree in Cultural Studies

What Might I Learn in an Online Masters Degree in Cultural Studies Program?

Well, that depends on your concentration. However, students may study theories that help to illuminate cultures. These could include the theories of feminism, poststructuralism, postcolonialism, and more.

As mentioned, online Masters Degree in Cultural Studies programs tend to be interdisciplinary. So what does that look like? In the study of gender cultural studies, for example, students might take a look at Africana studies, communications, economics, education, women’s issues, sociology, and more. These and other subjects may help you understand how gender does not exist in a bubble, but is influenced by many factors.

And, while an online masters program in American Media and Popular Culture may focus on interpreting and creating media texts, there’s much more to learn!

For instance, you could study how race and gender are portrayed in film. Or, you could explore how censorship has impacted media.

What Are Some Courses I Could Take?

Again, that depends on the focus of the online Masters Degree in Cultural Studies. However, you may encounter courses like:

  • Hollywood Film Historiography
  • Crime and Violence in American Film
  • Cultural Theory
  • Feminism and Literature
  • Race Theory
  • Gender and Islam
  • Sociology of Food
  • And others

In addition, programs may require students to take capstone coursework, which may include a thesis or final project, fieldwork, and/or potential internships.

How Long Might It Take to Earn My Cultural Studies Master’s Program?

The length of a master’s program depends on a lot of factors, such as whether or not you are a full-time student. For instance, students who study online while continuing to work may proceed at a slower pace.

Just as an example, a 32-credit online Masters Degree in Cultural Studies may take about two years for a full-time learner, while part-time learners may take up to five years. It’s important to contact your prospective program for the specifics, though.

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