Online Master's Degree Programs in English

An online masters in English typically appeals to those who want advanced instruction in English, American, and world literature. It's appealing for students who want to increase their literary knowledge and knowledge of critical theory.

An online masters in English is a combination of course-taking, independent study, and thesis-writing. Courses for the graduate-level study of English will likely include literary theory, medieval or Renaissance literature, Shakespeare, 18th century literature, 19th and 20th-century British literature, American literature, ethnic American literature, post-Colonial literature, world literature, writing, and theatre arts.

Graduate-level study of English online may be augmented by a studied concentration in a field related to your interest in English literature, such as philosophy, history, art history, or psychology. You will probably be required to have reading knowledge of at least one language, and preferably two.

The culmination of an online masters in English is your thesis on a topic of your own choosing, in consultation with a faculty advisor. Your thesis work will be overseen by the faculty advisor and eventually evaluated by this advisor and perhaps another reader or committee before the master degree is awarded.

Students with a graduate degree in English could pursue a wide variety of careers. A master degree in English could be helpful in fields like advertising, banking, human resources, marketing, real estate, journalism, government, and the law. Graduates with a master degree in English could be qualified to teach at the secondary level, or go on to enter a Ph.D. program. A high percentage of graduate students of English enter medical school, where skills in reading, writing, and research are invaluable.