Online Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Programs

If you want to take an assertive role in designing your educational plans to help match your defined career goals, earning an online interdisciplinary studies degree might set you on the path to pursuing a rewarding career. You may learn to emphasize self-assessment, versatility, critical thinking, and written communication. These are all essential skills for navigating today's dynamic working world.

What Skills and Abilities Should I Possess?

It takes special skills and unique abilities to integrate business and technology. Some aspects to concentrate on developing include for a career such as marketing manager include:[i]

  • Speaking — Speaking with others to communicate information effectively.
  • Oral Comprehension — The capability to listen to and interpret information and concepts presented through verbal statements.
  • Management of Personnel Resources — Motivating, producing, and influencing individuals as they work, recognizing ideal candidates for the job.
  • Social Perceptiveness — Awareness of others' options, attitudes, and reactions, and understanding why they behave as they do.
  • Active Listening — Paying complete attention to what other individuals are saying, not interrupting at inappropriate times, taking the time to appreciate the points that are being made, and asking questions as appropriate.

What Career Paths Might Interdisciplinary Studies Graduates Pursue?

Online interdisciplinary studies degree graduates who want to pursue careers as public relations managers or specialists may transition into a bachelor’s degree program designed to help prepare them to pursue that role. However, earning an interdisciplinary studies degree may jumpstart a fulfilling career working in a variety of fields.

  • Public Relations Specialists create and sustain a positive public perception for the organization they represent. They create media releases to form public opinions of their business and raise consciousness of its goals and performance.[ii]
  • Market Research Analysts study market conditions to explore possible sales of a service or product. They help businesses recognize what results customers want, in particular, who may purchase them and at what cost.[iii]
  • Survey Researchers design and administer surveys, and interpret data. Surveys are useful for collecting accurate data, such as salary and employment information, or to ask questions to learn about people’s feelings, desires, beliefs, or preferences.[iv]

Salary Potential and Projected Job Growth Information

In any field, salaries are influenced by a variety of circumstances, such as the employer, skill set, experience, and education. The following salaries are median annual wages for the year 2014 as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They are meant to provide a summary of projected job growth and potential earnings for job seekers across various industries.

  • Public Relations Specialists: $55,680 (6% growth between 2014 and 2024) [v]
  • Market Research Analysts: $61,290 (19% growth between 2014 and 2024) [vi]
  • Survey Researchers: $49,760 (12% growth between 2014 and 2024) [vii]

Common Coursework for an Online Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Program

The coursework that is necessary to earn an online interdisciplinary studies degree depends on the institution where the degree is earned. However, your classes may cover subjects including the following:[viii]

After you have earned an interdisciplinary studies degree, you might pursue a career analyzing data, or choose to continue your education. A bachelor’s degree might provide a foundation in the field and be a potential stepping stone in your career. Whether you’re interested in conducting research or analyzing data, an interdisciplinary studies degree may help you fulfill your goals.

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