PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies

The doctor of liberal arts, or doctor of liberal studies degree, is for students who have completed graduate-level academic work at a college or university and wish to continue their studies in more depth. If you choose to pursue doctorate level study online in liberal arts, you will become extremely well educated and recognized as an expert in the field, equipped to lead others who want to learn.

Doctorate Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies

Doctoral-level study in liberal arts online usually comprises coursework as well as independent research in a particular area of interest. The length of time it takes to complete the degree is usually up to the doctoral-level student.

Doctoral-level study online includes a number of foundation courses; the rest are a selection of liberal arts courses specifically developed for the doctorate degree, along with graduate courses from other departments as well.

Before the doctoral degree in liberal arts is awarded, you must complete doctoral-level classes in liberal arts. To cap it all off, doctoral-level students write a doctoral thesis or dissertation or present the results of your independent research and defend it in front of a panel of advisers. You must also pass written and oral exams.

Once you've completed doctoral-level study in liberal arts online and have your doctoral degree, you will be equipped to teach at the university level. Universities look for teachers with a doctoral-level degree in liberal arts because it connotes a broad interdisciplinary approach to learning and teaching.