Associates Degree in Literature & Writing

Earning an Associates of Arts degree in Writing or Communications is the first step toward further study in the art and craft of writing. By studying for an Associates Degree in Writing Online , you'll develop core competencies that can be applied to all types of writing projects.

Your focus in studying for an associate degree in writing will be learning to exchange information in a clear and engaging way. Your instructors are often practicing writers themselves. Studying writing at the associate level provides an opportunity to practice your craft amidst a community of supportive instructors and listeners. Feedback helps you find out what works and what doesn't, via email revisions and discussions.

You'll learn the best ways to communicate person-to-person, in small groups, and in larger arenas, for print, web, and broadcast media. You'll practice research methods, interviewing techniques, editing and formatting, and pick up the vocabulary of the industry.

Associates Degree in Writing Online

The Associate Degree (A.A.) in Writing is typically a two-year course of study. The first year is generally devoted to studies in all genres. The successful writer is well-rounded in issues of contemporary culture, so you'll study English, creative fiction and nonfiction writing, American literature, digital media, literature past and present, drama, children's literature, literature in film, writing for the web, writing for stage, screen, and radio, and creative non-fiction. You will learn the process and techniques of the short story, novel, and poem.

On a more practical level, you'll sharpen your problem-solving strategies and editing and proofreading skills, and develop your writing so it becomes acceptable for publication. Perhaps most importantly, you'll learn how to "pitch" your work and ideas to the marketplace.

The second year of work toward an online associate degree focuses your writing in a specialized area, such as fiction, creative non-fiction, graphic novels, mystery and crime fiction, writing for the stage, poetry, or writing for children. You'll develop your work, and experiment with techniques.

Here's another avenue: Have you considered technical writing? Companies are always coming up with new products and ideas. They need people who can explain their work and attract investors and customers and an Associates Degree in Writing Online could help. 

It may not seem as glamorous as being a novelist or screenwriter, but technical writing can offer solid steady employment in a segment of the job market that is constantly expanding.

By studying for an online associate degree in technical writing, you'll be prepared for an entry-level position, turning complex information into interesting text for the medical, legal, and scientific communities, or writing about technology and computer-related topics.

As a technical writer, you may write speeches, create maintenance and operations manuals, produce training materials or corporate reports, or publish newsletters, catalogs, or website pages.

After earning an Associate of Arts degree, many students enter Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and eventually Master of Arts or Master of Fine Arts. programs, so, a word of advice: Make sure the credits you earn (or a good portion of them) toward your online associate degree can be applied (are "transferable") to these further degrees.