What is an Online Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing?

Studying for an online bachelors degree in creative writing usually takes a two-pronged approach: you read and discuss a lot of literature, and you write a lot. Are you curious, expressive, and eager to share your ideas with others? Maybe you're already developing your own personal brand, promoted on your website, blog, or Twitter feed. That's good, because in today's global market, successful writers need to know how to communicate across all platforms. You're not just reaching a nearby audience; your voice can be heard around the world.

Here are some of the skills you'll gain in studying for an online bachelors degree in creative writing. The ability to look at outstanding literature from a writer's perspective, read with a critical eye, analyze, and notice the structure underneath the text.

As you see how literature is made, you'll learn to adopt these techniques in your own work, to get your thoughts across. In writing workshops, you'll produce your own works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and present them to your classmates for feedback and analysis.

Be prepared for feedback with a thick skin: In studying for your online bachelor degree in writing, you'll be criticized and edited, and believe it or not, you'll learn from it. Editing is an integral part of writing — that important "second set of eyes" that helps determine if what you're saying is clear, concise, and conveys the message you intend. Editing almost always improves your work. It's good preparation for the real world, where editing is always part of the process of writing.

Courses for the online writing major include English literature, creative writing techniques, plot and story development, grammar and composition, editing, reporting, and writing for business and the Internet.

In advanced creative writing workshops, you'll do intensive study, or complete a thesis, in a genre of your own choosing, such as fiction, poetry, nonfiction or scriptwriting.

Online Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing

Someone with an online bachelors degree in creative writing can be ready to pursue a career in book publishing, magazines, film, music, radio, television, newspapers, or new media.

You might teach or work as an editor, technical writer, copywriter, reporter, or broadcaster.

By earning a bachelor degree online in writing, you could become a grant writer, bookshop owner, printer, publisher, playwright, lyricist, poet, or social worker.

Communicating with people through the written word, persuading them to buy a product or invest in a business, could take you into the fields of banking, medicine, public relations, or government.

Do you like working on your own schedule? Are you self motivated? Maybe you would like the life of a freelance writer. You'd be self-employed, with all the freedoms and restrictions that entails.