PhD in Creative Writing Online

After completing an online bachelor degree and a master degree in writing, students committed to the craft may pursue a doctor of philosophy, or a PhD, in professional writing or English literature.

In an online doctoral program in writing, you will write, read, teach, and publish. You will study and write poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, screenplays, and plays. Coursework at this advanced level includes writing workshops, independent study, and research projects. Your fellow students will challenge and support you in your goals. Many PhD students work as teaching assistants, leading undergraduate classes while they work on their degree.

Online doctoral studies culminate in writing your dissertation. At most schools, this means submitting an original creative work, such as a novel, poetry, a work of fiction, a play, or a screenplay. You accomplish this with the advice and guidance of a thesis adviser, who is one of your professors. While the admission standards for a master degree are formidable, those for approval of the doctoral creative dissertation are even more so.

Graduates of online doctoral programs in writing can become tenured professors, teaching at the university level. Others are professional writers. Some pursue the online doctoral degree simply for the love of writing.