Online Master's Degree Programs in Literature & Writing

Are you an English major, freelance writer, or journalist who wants to expand your writing expertise, and build your portfolio as you go? Continue your study of the art and discipline of writing by earning an online master degree in writing.

When you pursue an online master degree in writing, you've usually chosen an avenue you want to concentrate in, and schools have various streams you can follow, such as creative writing, fiction writing, poetry, or nonfiction writing. Some online graduate programs in writing specialize even further: Writers interested in explaining the latest scientific advances to the general community in a clear and compelling way can earn a Master of Science degree in science writing.

Typical courses for those pursuing an online master degree in writing include classes in feature writing, fiction writing, nonfiction writing, and screenwriting. You may also study language, persuasive speaking, technical and business writing and editing, character creation and development, and writing for the web.

You'll produce news articles, features, essays, and radio/video broadcasts. And since so much of today's writing is prepared directly for the Internet, you'll work with the latest electronic and digital tools for editing and publishing online. As a writing student, you'll hone your skills like a physical athlete, putting on the hats of a reporter, a creative writer, a poet, a novelist, to see what fits.

As you practice these various forms, your particular talents and interests will reveal themselves. Beginning writers tend to overwrite ("flowery prose"); practice and feedback will tighten your words. Through workshops, seminars, and lectures, you will learn what kind of writing works best for different formats, in order to engage the viewer or the reader.

Many online graduate writing programs supplement their online classes with online readings and seminars. You and your fellow students might create an online literary journal. See if your program offers opportunities to meet or talk with practicing writers, editors, agents, and publishers.

An online master degree in writing draws people into publishing, broadcasting, and the entertainment industries, with graduates working as authors, writers, editors, reporters, copywriters, poets, lyricists, correspondents, announcers, interpreters, translators, and screenwriters.

Others take their writing degrees to the business arena, working in fields such as science, law, pharmaceuticals, insurance, information services, or education. And all companies, large and small, need editors and writers to create content for their websites, and to work on their in-house and online publications.