Earn a Masters Degree in Liberal Arts Online

Online Masters in Liberal Arts programs are multi-disciplinary programs that may blend the study of top subjects like history, religion, philosophy, political science, and the arts. Students may hone their knowledge of research, writing, critical-thinking, problem-solving, and more, while preparing for new goals.

Who Earns a Master of Liberal Arts Degree?

Candidates may pursue an online Masters in Liberal Arts in order to chase after new career dreams or enhance best preparation for a current role. Students who pursue a liberal arts master’s may come from a variety of fields and backgrounds, like education, journalism, management, social work, and more.

In fact, while enrolling in a liberal arts master’s program requires you to have earned a bachelor’s degree, many programs accept pretty much any undergraduate major. However, you may be required to have taken some liberal arts courses as an undergraduate.

What Might I Study in an Online Masters in Liberal Arts Program?

Because the liberal arts are so diverse, students in a master’s programs may have access to a wide range of subjects and courses. In fact, some programs may call for students to design their own degree plan, based on their personal and professional interests. For example, you might focus on a particular theme for your studies, combining your interests to come up with a program that’s perfect for you.

Students may also have some flexibility when it comes to degree outcomes. For example, if your program requires a capstone, you may be able to focus your efforts on a research paper in an area of importance to you or a creative project based around your strengths and interests.

Topics of Study

Some courses you might pursue while earning an online master’s in the liberal arts may include:

  • Screenwriting
  • History of Sexuality
  • Science, Truth, and Democracy
  • Social History of Medicine
  • Food and Politics
  • Shakespeare and Film
  • Religions of the East
  • Philosophy of Beauty
  • And more!

How Long Might It Take to Earn an Online MA in Liberal Studies?

The time it takes to earn an online master of arts degree in liberal arts or liberal studies may vary by student. Some programs may be pursued in a part-time, flexible format, which may mean the degree takes longer to earn.

Some online programs may take an average of about three years to earn, though it’s a good idea to check with your prospective school to learn more.

Learn More About Online Masters in Liberal Arts Programs

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