Essentials of an Online Doctorate Degree in Ethics

If you’re looking to take your knowledge in ethics to the highest level, then you may want to consider earning an online doctorate degree in ethics and philosophy. Did you know that a doctorate degree, or Ph.D., is the highest academic qualification you can earn in the U.S. ? As you may be aware, ethics is actually a sub-field in philosophy. This is important because a majority of the schools in the U.S. may not offer a doctoral program specifically in ethics. That means you may need to broaden your search and look into philosophy programs that include an ethics component.  Another thing to keep in mind is that some doctoral programs in philosophy may only accept students who plan on teaching in the field. But, the good news is that earning a Ph.D. may be a great way to really show your expertise. There’s no doubt that earning a doctorate degree involves a lot of hard work, but that’s also why it’s such a prestigious accomplishment!

Potential Coursework Required to Earn Your Doctorate Degree

Let’s start off by saying that the courses you take will vary depending on the philosophy/ethics doctorate program and the school you attend. However, regardless of the program you choose, you will be required to complete a doctoral dissertation. What does this involve?

Well, doctoral candidates usually select a dissertation advisor and doctoral committee, who are responsible for approving your dissertation research proposal. They’re also there to provide you with advice as you conduct your research. Once you finish your dissertation, you’ll have to defend it orally, and then the committee will vote on whether or not to award your doctorate. If you get the go-ahead, your dissertation will be signed and published by your college or university.

But that’s not all! Before you can even begin the dissertation process you first have to complete the qualifying graduate-level coursework and take part in doctoral seminars. And, you’ll also need to pass written exams that cover your chosen research specialty area—and two others. Remember, this is the big leagues! But back to the potential coursework. . . .

Depending on the philosophy/ethics doctorate program you enroll in, you may take courses that cover topics like:

  • Social and political theory
  • Contemporary ethics
  • Feminist ethics
  • Global justice
  • Moral intuitions and reasoning
  • Philosophy of social sciences
  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Human nature
  • Political philosophy