Conflict Peace Studies Masters Degree Programs

Conflict and Peace Studies Masters Degree Online Programs stay relevant because our world circles through cycles of rivalry and resolution. In fact, these programs have a variety of names from a Masters Degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution to the much simpler, Mediation Studies.

There are many ways to phrase it but no matter which program you choose, many opportunities can arise with a degree in Dispute Prevention and Transformation. That's because Conflict Resolution professionals work in a range of fields, including business, law, and government.

Conflict Resolution Means Peacebuilding . . . And Conflict and Peace Studies Masters Degree Online Programs

No matter the phrasing, these online master degree programs all seek to train students in managing conflict and building common ground between disputing groups. They use analysis models and tools along with pragmatic approaches and lessons from history.

Peacebuilding skills are relevant to many careers, especially now because many employers actively pursue more collaborative workplaces these days. That's because data from multiple studies shows that those who work collaboratively stick to their tasks 64% longer than solitary peers. They're also less fatigued and have a higher success rate on the job.

So, it's not always just our big hearts that prompt a desire for peace among humans. Fact is, we're also more productive when we work together. This urge to get the job done means there are growing career opportunities for those with an Online Degree in Peacebuilding and Dispute Transformation.

Career Paths for a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies

Many potential careers might follow from an Online Masters in Dispute Resolution including Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators. These jobs are valuable because they offer a less expensive alternative to solving disputes than the legal process.[i]

In fact, the projected job growth for this category is faster than usual, at an average of 11% over the years 2016-2026. While the growth projected for all occupations over the same time period hovers at 7% average. It's also higher than the projections for lawyers (a parallel industry) which sits at average 9%.

Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators support negotiation and encourage dialogue between disputing parties to help resolve conflicts outside of the court system.[ii] It's why they're highly valued as an alternative means of working through disputes.

Lawsuits can be expensive. For instance, the California Labor and Employment Law website estimates that the minimum cost to bring a lawsuit in 2017 is about $10,000. So, with that in mind, it makes sense that Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators have salaries that align with being in demand.

In 2016 these jobs had median average salaries much greater than that for all occupations, at $37,040.[iii] Check out the chart below to see how this breaks out into their top industry categories.

peace studies and conflict degree programs, Conflict and Peace Studies Masters Degree Online Programs

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