Earn an Online School Counseling Degree

Online school counseling degree programs and educational psychology programs may help students prepare for the ins and outs of counseling in a school setting. You may study counseling and psychology, ethics, family counseling, and more, with a focus on helping students overcome challenges.

What Might I Learn in an Online School Counseling Degree Program?

School and educational psychology may teach both the theory and practice of counseling in an educational environment. You may study ACA and ASCA Codes of Ethics, and learn how to apply them in a professional practice. And, you make learn how to think critically about your field in order to improve on school psychology practices.

An important aspect of your program is understanding that students may come from different cultures and lifestyles. Learning to tailor your counseling to respect students’ diversity, and being sensitive to their differences, may be an enlightening pursuit.

Finally, you may explore some of the challenges young people may be facing today, from cyber-bullying to sexuality, and potentially learn how to address these issues.

Courses you might take include:

  • Counseling Theories & Techniques
  • Career Development and Counseling
  • Theories of Counseling and Guidance for Children and Adolescents
  • Group Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Contemporary Issues in School Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention
  • And more!

Can I Find School Counseling Degree Programs That Are Completely Online?

You may need to pursue some of your coursework on campus. For example, an online school counseling degree program may offer some courses online, while others take place in-person.

Some programs may also require residencies, field experiences, and other in-person components that need to be satisfied, even if some or most coursework can be completed online.

What Educational Path Should I Pursue for School Psychology?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pursuing a school psychologist career path may require you to have earned at least a master’s degree, and possibly a doctorate. School psychologists may need to earn not only an advanced degree, but also certification or licensure.

What Prerequisites Are There for Pursuing a Graduate Degree in Educational Psychology?

That may depend on your program. For example, an M.Ed. in School Counseling program requires a bachelor’s degree at the minimum. However, you may also need to hold a minimum GPA and submit a writing sample, among other potential requirements.

Kickstart Your New Career Path!

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