Earn an Online Human Services Associates Degree

Associates Degree in Human Services Online programs focus on how to help real people solve real problems, and how to develop strategies to help families and communities thrive. They aim to give students like you the skills to make a difference. Associates in human services programs are inter-disciplinary. That means they use a wide variety of skills from all different subject areas.   

What Is Human Services?

Human services is a broad field. It combines all different subjects with one shared vision: to improve quality of life for people in their community. Human services degree programs share that goal. That’s why they focus on giving students the knowledge and skills to solve real problems for real people.

Here are some examples of topics an Associates Degree in Human Services Online might cover.

  • Public Health: This has to do with the science and strategies used to maintain community health. It also covers the organizations responsible for doing that. Because public health systems are a part of human services, many programs spend time examining how these systems work.
  • Crisis Intervention: Human services often lends assistance to people in difficult situations. That’s why some programs include crisis intervention training in their curriculum. This involves offering effective and immediate help to people in distress. Crisis intervention also looks at de-escalation strategies.
  • Case Management: This complex subject is a cornerstone of human services and related fields like social work. Case management courses look at how to assess the needs of your clients, help them receive services they need, advocate for them, and keep it all organized while you’re at it.
  • Psychology: As human services degrees focus on how to help people, it’s no surprise some of the courses might also look at how people think. Courses might cover counseling services, developmental psychology, and the public mental health services that are available to those in need.
  • Diversity & Multicultural Issues: A cornerstone of human services is, of course, the people. Human services professionals might work with those from all walks of life. As such, many online human services degree programs dedicate time to learning about different cultures, their beliefs and traditions, and how they live together in one community.

These are only a few examples of what you might learn while you earn your online associates degree in human services. Depending on the program you choose, your courses might be a little different. If you have specific questions, or want to study something in particular, contact your online human services program to find out more about how they can meet your needs.

Choosing Your Associates Degree in Human Services Online

Because human services is such a broad field, the associates degree program options might include a lot of variety. In some cases, associates in human services programs might survey broad areas of the field, such as crisis intervention or community service. That way, they might help students build a strong foundation of knowledge, useful in whatever area of the field they end up.

However, it’s possible you might find something more specialized at the associates level. Some programs are designed to focus on specific areas of responsibility. Sometimes, these topics could cross over with other related majors. Examples could include things like public health, social work, case management, gerontology, addiction, and other areas of concentration.

Start Searching for Online Associates Degree in Human Services Programs

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