Earn an Online Bachelors Degree in International Relations

Online Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations programs cover the basics of global relationships and international diplomacy. In this undergraduate-level program, students might look at topics such as the history of global relations or how to shape politics for better foreign relations in the future.

Who Pursues an Online Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations?

This program may be perfect for those who wish to develop a new understanding in areas like government, business, journalism, international law, and political science. Whether you’re hoping to launch a new career or brush up on existing knowledge, pursuing an online bachelors in international relations may be the ideal next step.

And, calling all busy professionals! Online learning may make it easier to fit your studies into your busy life, especially if you’re already working in international relations or another field.

What Might I Learn?

Every program is different, but you may focus on theory and problem-solving in areas like:

  • Diplomacy
  • Foreign policy analysis
  • International organizations
  • Global development
  • Armed conflict prevention
  • Environmental resources
  • Economics
  • And more

Students may pursue skill areas like debating, analysis of political situations, assessment, and problem-solving. They may also pursue a stronger understanding of the American political system, and how it compares to governments around the world. Technological, cultural, and humanitarian issues may be important to your studies, as you explore an evolving picture of global affairs.

Some online bachelor’s degree in international relations programs may also feature a liberal arts curriculum that includes subjects like history, economics, and political science. And, many bachelors programs include a general education curriculum, so students can explore key foundational subjects. So, you may find yourself taking courses in math, college writing, psychology, foreign languages, and more.

How Long Might It Take to Earn a Bachelors in International Relations Online?

Bachelor’s programs are typically about 120 credits. And, they are often designed to be earned in roughly four years. However, this depends on factors like the number of courses you take per semester, and whether you are able to transfer potential course credits from previous studies. It’s important to learn more about each prospective program in order to get a better idea of possible completion time.

Find International Relations Bachelors Programs Online

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