Have You Considered an Online Political Science Degree?

For the socially conscious and civic-minded students, the ultimate goal may be a career in a field that will allow them to influence public policy and change their communities for the better. A degree in political science may be a great way to get not only the education, but also the real-world training and connections needed to jumpstart a public career.

Whether you have aspirations to enter public office on the local, state or even national level, you're a prospective entrepreneur who wants to enhance your career as globalization becomes an increasingly prevalent business reality, or you simply want to know more about your community and want to take an active role in improving it, earning a political science degree could offer you the opportunity you're looking for.

A glimpse into the realm of political science

Political science has found a home in nearly every field and industry, and those who graduate with a political science degree may pursue their careers in environments ranging from private corporate offices to working alongside political candidates or even in courtrooms. Some diplomats and foreign officials also have political science backgrounds.


Of course, political science may also a viable degree for those who want to pursue a teaching career, and it could be a useful path to take for those with designs to teach in a post-secondary setting. As many political science careers tend to involve research and other office-type functions, it's not generally a field associated with high degrees of physical activity.

Possible salaries for a career in political science

Many careers in political science require at least a bachelor's degree, and in most cases even a master's degree.[i]


  • Political scientist: 2012 median annual salary of $102,000 (21 percent growth projected through 2022)[ii]
  • Post-secondary teacher: 2012 median annual salary of $73,760 (19 percent growth projected through 2022)[iii]

Additional skills required for a career in political science

The field is almost entirely an academic one, which means that those who wish to pursue a career in political science could benefit greatly from skills such as reading comprehension and an ability to communicate clearly through writing. Due to the high volume of work typically undertaken by political scientists, an ability to multitask effectively may be essential. Many jobs within the field center around creating, analyzing and engaging with public policy, so an interest in legal processes could be seen as a definite asset. Many political scientists work in a diplomatic capacity, which means that a keen social and cultural awareness may necessary, especially if work is being done abroad. 


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