Online Political Science Associates Degrees

Online political science associates degree programs show students how government and its policies shape our communities, country, and world. Classes in political science associates degree online programs inform students how governments work closely with citizens and agencies, such as businesses and nonprofits, to make and use policy. Students study how policy forms local, state, federal, and global structure, law, and action. You may look at the fact that everything from recreation centers to city laws to police protection stem from political activity. When you study the government and political action you are studying political science.

Curricula in Online Political Science Associates Degree Programs

Students study one of two things in a political science associates degree program.

1.They study the basics of political science.

2.They explore a certain area of political science. They might study government, military, or public policy, for example.

They take classes across subjects such as sociology, psychology, political science, and business. Within those subjects, they learn how politics and people shape communities. They also learn how governments use business techniques. 

There are many subjects students might study for their major.

  • To grow their base knowledge, students learn about political theory.
  • To see how politics impact communities, they study local, state, and federal government. They also study public policy and admin.
  • To know the political process, they study campaigns and elections.
  • Students study leadership, ethics, and law as they relate to politics and government.

Students also learn how government, people, and businesses connect. They study social issues, civil liberties, and race and ethnicity in the U.S. To get a sense of world politics, students study international relations. They compare political systems. Classes talk about agencies like the United Nations. Students might discuss how countries work with each other. Added to classes about American politics, this could give them a good picture of the political scene.

How deep students dive into any of these subjects will depend on the program. Some programs might cover just some of these subjects. Others may cover all of them. Some might cover different subjects. It just depends on the school and the specific Political Science Associates Degree Online programs.

Emphases in Political Science Associates Degree Online Programs

Some programs focus on political science and its theory and practices. Others focus on an area of the subject. You might find a program in military science. Or you might find one in public health policy or homeland security. Programs in areas like these might help you see how politics and government shape war, healthcare, and immigration (for example).

Find a Great Political Science Associates Degree Online

If you want to learn how government and politics shape society, go to school! Once you have earned your associates degree, consider transferring your credits to pursue a bachelor’s degree in political science. Or pursue a path wher you can use your knowledge and skills to affect government and politics. No matter what, you can be on your way to making a difference.  

Explore your options for programs here. Click on ones that you like and contact them directly for more information. Find a major or emphasis that you love. Then, jump in! Pursuing political science associates degree online might be a great start to earning advanced education.