PhD in Biblical Studies Online

Generally, it takes six to eight years to obtain an online doctorate in religion. If you choose to pursue your online doctoral degree in religion online, you'll have the benefit of studying when it's convenient for you.Doctoral students in religion focus on their own research projects and also meet with classmates to discuss and improve their work. Speakers share their views with students at religious conferences.

Online doctoral students in religion delve into far-ranging topics. You might debate war and peace from religious perspectives, study professional ethics, or ethics in mystical traditions. You could study Jewish and Muslim charity in the Middle Ages, Buddhist death and funerary practices, or examine Islamic or Christian social movements. You can look at religion in relation to architecture, literature, film, medicine, bioethics, welfare, immigration, and the family. You might focus on world religious traditions, religion and Darwinism, or religion in the African diaspora.

If you choose to become a doctoral student in religion, you will come away with a wide array of useful skills and become a recognized expert in your particular field. All industries and professions value people who can see things from many perspectives. Religious studies teach you to think critically and carefully about any topic or question.

Government is especially in need of people with religious knowledge at the doctoral level. For example, it's important that diplomats understand the mores and attitudes of all religions as they go about their work in an increasingly global, yet fractious world.