Christian Counseling Associates Degree

Online Christian Counseling Associates Degree

If you have a desire to help people in need who are struggling through challenging situations, addictions, and more, then pursuing an Associates Degree in Christian Counseling Online might be a great match for you. Through studying Christian counseling, you will learn how to offer insight and valuable support from a Biblical perspective. And by choosing to study a Christian Counseling Associate degree online, you may have a flexible schedule option that works well with your employment and/or family obligations.

Associates Degree in Christian Counseling Online

The curriculum for an associate's degree in Christian Counseling depends largely on your chosen college and any counseling laws determined by the state in which you reside. The courses are designed to equip you with the tools necessary to counsel others from a Christian perspective. Courses may also examine the multilayered aspects involved in counseling. Some common courses include:[i]

  • Contemporary Worldviews
  • General Psychology
  • Intro to Christian Counseling
  • Issues of Christian Counseling
  • Psychology of Adolescence
  • Psychology of Adulthood
  • Psychology of Personality

Depending on the focus on your study, you may also want to add classes that deal with addiction, marriage counseling, or counseling children or adolescents. Although these courses in your Associates Degree in Christian Counseling Online may put you one step closer to your Christian counseling goals, almost every state requires counselors to be board-certified, hold a graduate degree and have a minimum of two years experience in counseling.[ii]

What Career Paths May People Who Earn an Associate's Degree in Religious Studies Pursue?

You may want to use earning your associates degree in religious studies as a stepping stone to join the workforce. While each position will have different requirements, criteria, and skills, here are some career paths that may interest you if you’re looking to forge your path in religious studies.

According to Payscale, the following are reported median salaries in select occupations:

  • Youth Pastor: As of January 2016, $35,170 median annual salary, with the lowest 10% earning $19,706 and the highest 90% earning $50,397.[iii]
  • Associate Pastor: As of January 2016, $43,863 median annual salary, with the lowest 10% earning $25,590 and the highest 90% earning $65,856.[iv]
  • Program Manager, Non-Profit Organization: As of January 2016, $46,713 median annual salary, with the lowest 10% earning $32,762 and the highest 90% earning $68,500.[v]

Pursuing an online Christian Counseling Associates degree may provide you with the background and education to jumpstart your education in counseling. People who earn this degree may choose to continue on their academic journey towards a Bachelor's or Master's degree to pursue licensure as a counselor. Others may take courses or earn this degree for personal development purposes. Researching various online Christian Counseling degree programs may help you find the perfect fit for your situation and goals.

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