Masters Degree in Christian Counseling

If you want to pursue a job where you focus on helping your community, exercise your faith, and engage with people one-on-one, earning an online Masters Degree in Christian counseling might be a great choice for you. Such a program may allow you to explore topics such as psychology, theology, and counseling techniques. Learning more about the work involved in earning a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling may help you decide whether it is ideal for you and your goals.

Common Coursework for an Online Masters Degree in Christian Counseling

Coursework for a Masters in Christian Counseling may include a wide breadth of topics. Through these classes, you may learn about how to effectively approach and respond to people seeking faith-based counseling services.[i] Possible course selections that may be included in the program include the following:[ii]

  • Professional Counseling Orientation and Ethics: This course may acquaint students with general ethical principles and their application to counseling.
  • Counseling Theories: Building on concepts taught in introductory courses, students may learn more specific and advanced counseling techniques in this class.
  • Biblical Foundations for Counselors: The Bible’s treatment of counsel and treatment may be explored in this course to help students better understand the Christian context of the counseling program.
  • Marriage and Family Therapy: Therapy methods that are unique to married and familial clients may be explored and explained in this course.
  • Biblical Concepts - Healthy Relationships: Students may learn more about the Bible’s teachings on love, marriage, family and relationships in this class.

These are just a few of many potential classes students may take as part of a Masters in Christian Counseling program.

What Skills May Be Ideal to Develop for Pursuing a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling Online?

If you care deeply about helping others through faith and healing, you may be able to prepare for a Masters in Christian Counseling by developing traits that are especially suited to people working in such roles. Mental Health Counselor may be a prospective career choice,[iii] and some of the following skills and abilities may be expected in such a position:[iv]

  • Active listening: Ability to listen to, understand, and concentrate on oral communications received from another person.
  • Speaking: Speak clearly and without hindrance to express yourself.
  • Service orientation: Naturally inclined to aid people in any way possible.
  • Oral comprehension and expression: Clearly communicate ideas through verbal cues and sentences, and assess the response from your audience.
  • Critical thinking: Use the power of reason to make sound judgments regarding problems and their potential solutions.
  • Social perception: Be cognizant of the behavior, expressions, and reactions of others.
  • Written communication: Capably read and interpret information that is communicated in a printed form.

These characteristics may be helpful for any student who is interested in a Masters in Christian Counseling program and pursuing a career path as a Mental Health Counselor, though they are important skills for any type of counseling you may pursue.

What Do People Do After Earning a Christian Counseling Masters?

There may be a range of potential opportunities career paths for students who earn an online Masters Degree in Christian Counseling online. The Mental Health Counselor position typically requires a Masters degree as well as licensure , and it may involve counseling individuals, groups, and families who struggle with mental and emotional issues. This position may be relevant to the skills emphasized in an online Masters degree in Christian counseling, and some of the other job responsibilities may include:[vi]

  • Maintain clear and accurate records of all clients who have visited and received treatment
  • Collect and safely store client’s information
  • Compose evaluations and reports to track the progress of each individual client
  • Provide counseling to patients facing substance abuse issues
  • Counsel clients dealing with personal challenges

As a faith-based counselor, should you choose to pursue this career path, your treatment may also incorporate the Christian principles you may have learned about in your prior studies.

What Industries May Employ People Who Earn a Masters in Christian Counseling?

Salary Potential and Projected Job Growth Information

Data collected regarding the salaries, opportunity growth, and other variables for the Mental Health Counselor position indicate that there may be a growing number of opportunities available. Since the position typically requires at least a Masters degree in a counseling-related discipline , it may be considered a relevant position. Data regarding the position’s typical salary potential and projected growth are as follows:

  • Mental Health Counselor: $40,850 median annual salary in 2014 (with a projected employment growth of 14 percent or higher from 2014-2024)

If you want to share your Christian principles with clients and provide counseling that may encourage better living, a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling may be an ideal choice for your education. Learning more about the opportunities, coursework, and knowledge such a program may entail might help you make better choices regarding your education and future.

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