Christian Studies Degree

Christian Studies Degree Online

If you have a key interest in religion and the Bible, then pursuing an online Christian studies degree may be the ideal match for you. When you study Christian studies, you may gain a deeper understanding of the major religions practiced in the world, plus a deeper knowledge of the Bible and its teachings. You might also learn the fundamentals of Christian leadership, which may help you approach life and work decisions based on Christian principles found in the Bible.

Common Coursework for Online Christian Studies Degree Program

Christian studies curriculums typically include courses that may help prepare you to jumpstart a career in a wide range of ministry positions. Introduction courses are generally designed to help teach you the fundamentals of the Bible and Christian Theology.[i] When studying Christian studies online, students may also be prepared to interpret Scripture and have the ability to apply biblical theology to ministry and life situations. Intermediate and advanced courses may depend on concentration preferences and the school you attend. Common religious studies courses may include:[ii, iii]

  • Christian Theology
  • History of Christianity
  • Christian Ethics
  • Biblical Interpretation and Application
  • Ministerial Communication
  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • Christian Worldviews
  • Introduction to Ministry

Depending on your career interests, you may choose to enroll in minor studies when pursuing an online Christian studies education. Minors might include Christian counseling or church ministries.[i]

Are There Concentration Options in Christian Studies?

Depending on the school you’re interested in and the degree level you pursue, you might have degree concentration options to choose from. Some programs may offer a concentration in Christian ministry training, providing an opportunity to learn about ministry types and outreach. Intercultural ministries may be another concentration available in some religious studies online degree programs. This concentration may provide students an opportunity to learn about intercultural communications, issues in global missions work, and church planting.

What Career Paths May People Who Earn an Online Christian Studies Pursue?

Some people who pursue a degree in Christian studies may seek a career in overseas missions, local ministries, communications, local churches, biblical education, pastoral leadership or clergy.[i,iv]

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for clergy members in 2014 was $43,950.

According to, the median annual salary for youth pastors in 2016 was $35,000.

Pursuing an online religious studies degree might provide you with the education and background you need to pursue a career in ministry or missions. Some people may choose to earn a bachelor’s degree to jumpstart their career, and some may continue on towards a Master’s degree in order to possibly pursue careers that require an advanced education. Spending time researching different programs and concentrations in Christian studies may help you choose the perfect education path for your situation and desires.

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