Pursue a Doctor of Religious Studies Online Degree

A doctor of religious studies online degree enables students to analyze religious studies broadly or focus on an area of religious studies they find most interesting or relevant to their goals. Students could engage in a comparative study across religions, study one religion in depth, or focus on historical or contemporary practices and issues in religion. It simply depends on the program and each student’s goals.

Course of Study in a Doctor of Religious Studies Online Program

First and foremost, students could opt to study one particular religion, such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, or Hinduism, or engage in a comparative study among three or more religions.

Within any given religion, students could dive deeply into its traditions, languages, concepts, and contemporary place in society, or they could develop a focus in a specific area such as theology or history.  

No matter their course of study, students pursuing a PhD in religious studies will likely take core and elective courses, all designed to engage them in their concentrated area of study. Some examples of concentrations in religious studies PhD programs include:

  • Critical studies in religious traditions
  • Ethics and society
  • The Hebrew bible
  • Historical studies
  • Jewish studies
  • Christian studies
  • Religion, psychology, and sociology
  • Theology

As you can see, each of these studies lead students down a distinct path.

Within a given concentration, Christianity, for example, students could study biblical studies, theology, and counseling; Christian apologetics, philosophy, and theology; practical ministry and leadership; or any number of other areas. Some programs might also require doctorate students to study another language connected to their area of focus.

Purpose of a Doctor of Religious Studies Online Degree

For the most part, people pursue a PhD in religious studies to become educators, researchers, and scholars in the field. By taking courses, writing and defending a dissertation, and perhaps taking a comprehensive exam, doctorate candidates prove they have expert knowledge in their area of study.

Find Online Options for Pursuing a Doctorate in Religious Studies

As someone interested in advanced education in the area of religious studies, you have lots of options. Just ask yourself some questions.

What religion do you want to study? What aspects of religion seem most relevant to consider deeply? Do you want to compare religions? See how they impact societies? Or simply learn all you can about one?

Explore the sponsored schools here on this page and learn to be a leader in your religious community.