Online Associates Degrees in Architecture: the Essentials

Online associate’s degree programs in architecture help students pursue the knowledge and skills they need to work in the field of architecture. Through their programs, they might study architecture broadly or focus on a specific component of architecture. Depending on their career goals, they might study general architecture (including design, theory, and methods) or a specialized area of architecture such as architectural technology, building design, or building construction (to name a few). Students might come out of their programs ready to pursue a career as an assistant in the field or to transfer their credits to a bachelor’s degree program. To determine the intended academic and professional outcomes of your online associate’s degree program, talk to an academic counselor.

You might run across some associate’s degree programs in architecture that are offered completely online, you’ll likely find that many require students to complete some of their coursework online and on campus as well. These programs, called hybrid programs, typically require students to meet on campus weekly, monthly, quarterly, or once or twice per semester. Besides that, the rest of their coursework may be completed online.

The online portion of associate’s degree programs might be what’s called asynchronous (meaning not synched with a scheduled time) or synchronous (which means in real-time). In asynchronous programs, students typically access online programming at hours and times that are good for them. In synchronous programs, all of the students in a given program (which is sometimes called a “cohort”) typically access online programming at scheduled times, each from their own locations. Some programs may have a combination of asynchronous and synchronous learning.  

To participate in an online associate’s degree program in architecture, an internet connection and access to a reliable computer are key. You’ll likely need to be—or need to become—adept at using technology and employing video, audio, chat, and other digital functions. Many online programs utilize online platforms such as Moodle or Blackboard, so you’ll need to learn how to use the system to each instructor’s satisfaction. (You may want to find out if tech support will be available to you as part of your program, and at what hours, in case you run into any trouble with these online platforms.) In some programs, you may have to buy architectural or other software to complete coursework; or, sometimes, the program might grant you access to software that is shared to all students via web browser.

Coursework in an Online Associate’s Degree Programs in Architecture Program

So what might your course load be like as an architecture student? Well, there are many subjects you might study as you earn your associate’s degree in architecture online. For example, you might need to take classes like the following:

  • Architectural design and technology
  • Construction and construction technology
  • Architectural and construction software
  • Construction estimating and management
  • Sustainable building
  • Surveying and soft-planning
  • Interpersonal communication, public speaking, and presenting
  • Mathematics
  • Blueprint reading

In many cases, students study these and other subjects over the course of two years of fulltime study in order to earn their associate’s degree in architecture.

To explore your options for online associate’s degree programs in architecture, visit our sponsored listings. There you can get a sense of program objectives and coursework and contact programs directly for additional information. Good luck!