Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Architecture: The Basics

Online bachelor’s degree programs in architecture typically help students pursue general and specific knowledge and skills in architecture as a field and discipline. Depending on their program and what they want to get out of it, students might emerge from their program ready to pursue licensure as an architect or transfer their credits to a master’s degree program.

As you explore your options for earning a bachelor’s degree in architecture online, you might notice that while some programs are offered completely online, many are offered through a hybrid format in which students earn their degree both online and on campus. In hybrid programs, students might be required to meet on campus weekly, monthly, quarterly, each semester, or annually depending on the programs’ requirements.

Students might access their online programming through synchronous or asynchronous formats. In synchronously formatted programs, students typically log into online courses at scheduled times but from their own locations. In asynchronously formatted programs, students typically log into classes at times that work for them. In many online programs, asynchronous or not, students need to finish their coursework by certain deadlines or by the end of a semester. They might take exams, write papers, participate in class discussions, and complete projects online. 

To successful navigate an online bachelor’s degree program in architecture, you’ll need an internet connection and a computer. You may also need architectural or other types of software. In some cases, you may be required to purchase your own software; in others, you may gain access to software through a program-provided web browser. Online programs may utilize digital platforms such as Blackboard or Moodle to deliver course content and make it easy for students to interact. Through these platforms and other technologies, you may engage in lecture-, seminar-, or studio-based courses. You may be required to use chat, video, audio, and other digital functions in your classes. 

Coursework in Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Architecture

Through a collective of core and elective coursework, students in online bachelor’s degree programs might study several areas of architecture including general architecture (such as theory, design, and methodology), architectural engineering, architectural history, environmental or sustainable design, historic preservation and conservation, interior architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. Students’ core coursework might give them a broad understanding of architecture, and their elective coursework might lead them to a concentration or specialization in the field. Some examples of subjects that students might study include:

  • Architectural history, theory, methods, and applications
  • Architectural graphics and technology
  • Structural, interior, and exterior design
  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems
  • Construction planning, modeling, and documents
  • Physics, mathematics, and engineering

These are just some of the many subjects you might study in your online program. In many cases, students earn a bachelor’s degree in architecture through four years of fulltime study. 

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