Explore Biology Masters Programs Online

Biology masters programs online may help students enhance their understanding of biology and its potential applications in areas like research, teaching, public service, and more. You might study anything from cell biology to ichthyology, while preparing for new goals, whether career or academic.

Why Pursue Biology Masters Programs Online?

Perhaps you’re hoping to prepare for a potential new career goal that calls for knowledge of the life sciences. Or maybe you need to update your knowledge for a current or future role, like teaching.

Whatever your reason for pursuing a master’s degree in biology, online learning may be an awesome fit. You could potentially remain employed while earning your degree at times that work for you. Some biology programs may even offer two tracks: on-campus master’s programs that include a thesis, and online programs without a thesis requirement.

What Might I Learn in a Biology Masters Degree?

Biology masters programs online may vary in their course offerings and learning goals. For example, some programs may be aimed at current or future biology teachers. Such a program may cover areas related to teaching high school biology courses, like science education and general science content.

Other biology master’s programs may be perfect for those with a broader range of potential career goals. In addition to foundational biology courses, you may be able to choose from a wide range of electives in areas like plant physiology, mammalogy, and even pathogenic microbiology.

You may even have the opportunity to pursue research in biology, and explore your own scholarly or professional interests.

Some courses you could take may include:

  • Organic Evolution
  • Current Issues in Biology
  • Lab Cell Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Virology
  • Parasitology
  • Heredity and Genetics
  • Zoology
  • And more!

What Are the Prerequisites for Earning an Online Master’s in Biology?

At minimum, you’ll need to have earned a bachelor’s degree. Some programs require your bachelor’s to be in biology, or else may require you to have taken a certain number of undergraduate biology courses.

Other requirements may include a minimum GPA, transcript, a personal statement, and more. Check with your prospective school to learn more.

How Long Might an Online Master’s in Biology Take to Earn?

That depends! For instance, each biology master’s program may vary in length. 30 to 36 credits is about average, though some programs may require more or fewer courses.

Program length may also be affected by whether you’re a part-time or full-time student, among other factors.

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