Earn Your Masters in Electrical Engineering Degree Online

Online masters in electrical engineering programs are advanced degree programs focused on the study, application and usage of electricity and electromagnetism in technology. Many—though not all—masters programs in electrical engineering build on prior experience. That means applicants are likely to have prior coursework, or even bachelors degrees and professional experience. In some cases, this discipline crosses over with other, similar types of engineering, including computer and mechanical engineering, among others.

Types of Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is one of the more recent branches of engineering. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less diverse than other branches. Electrical engineering is a key component of much of today’s technology, whether industrial or for consumers. Broadly speaking, electrical engineering focuses on generating, transporting, and using energy to power technology, enable communication, and more.

Electrical engineering masters programs are designed to foster skills and expertise crucial to the field. These include electrical theory, mathematics, electromagnetics, linear control systems, power systems analysis, and more.

Some online masters in electrical engineering programs might allow students to focus their study on a particular application of electrical engineering. Such concentrations may cross over with related disciplines, and may include the following.

  • Power Engineering
  • Control Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Microelectronics Engineering
  • Signal Processing Engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Computer Engineering

Online Masters in Electrical Engineering Degree Types

Online masters in electrical engineering programs typically confer either a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MS), or a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering (ME or MEng). In some cases, the differences between these degree types may be nominal.

However, generally speaking, MS programs in Electrical Engineering Online tend to be more oriented toward academics. These programs generally prepare students for doctoral study. They also focus on performing research within the discipline. Master of Engineering programs, meanwhile, are professional degrees sometimes considered terminal, and look toward application in the field.

The specific differences between programs may vary by school, so when choosing your program, make sure you follow up for more information.

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