Earn an Online Engineering Management Degree

Most engineers need to have earned an Online Engineering Management Degree. This holds true if you want to work in any field, be it petroleum, chemicals, biosystems, or civil/mechanical engineering.

Engineering management is the process of planning, organizing, scheduling, monitoring, and assessing any size engineering project. You may also learn how to meet essential design and key safety requirements, how to scale your team productivity, and how to most efficiently use your on-hand resources.

Engineering Management Online Degree Programs

If you are looking for something shorter than a bachelor- or master- level degree program, you may want to consider an online certificate program in engineering management. Whereas if you wish to pursue an engineering leadership role, an upper level program in engineering management such as a masters or PhD may be the perfect path for you. Other certificates you may earn include occupational safety,  electrical engineering (or EE), or even emergency management.

In a lower level program you may study real-world contingencies and think about how to develop real-life responses. Some programs focus on electrical systems, electronic circuits, or business.  

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