Masters in Engineering Management Online

Online Engineering Management Masters Programs help students hone the unique skills necessary to best lead a team of engineers, oversee engineering projects and programs, and guide an engineering-driven organization to success. In most cases, applying to an online masters in engineering management would require a background in or related to engineering. However, some programs may be designed more broadly and welcome top students from other fields.

In addition to academic and practical skills, these online programs have the added benefit of flexibility, making it possible for students to continue pursuing the engineering careers they love while seeking the education they need to progress.

What Is a Masters in Engineering Management?

Engineering management masters degrees are sometimes referred to as “engineering MBAs.” That’s because, like MBAs, they aim to help professionals develop the organizational and leadership skills necessary to guide a team to success. The difference is mainly that engineering management also relies on technical skills and a familiarity with engineering practices and principles.

Types of Engineering Management Masters Degrees

Online engineering management masters programs may offer a few different types of degrees. While the specific differences between each may vary, the type of degree offered may tell you something about the types of skills emphasized in that program.

For example, an engineering management MBA program may primarily focus on business, leadership and organizational skills as they apply in an engineering setting.

A Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM), also sometimes referred to as a Master of Engineering Management (MEM), meanwhile, might place comparatively greater emphasis on the STEM-related content essential to the practice of engineering.

What Can I Do With A Masters in Engineering Management?

A masters in engineering management is not typically considered an entry-level degree. As such, most people who earn this degree have some degree of related experience, particularly working as an engineer. As such, MSEM programs are often designed to support engineers who want to move into leadership roles within those types of organizations.

Some of the roles and responsibilities you might find include project management, program management, operations management, quality control, safety, financial management, and industrial and human resources management. i

Find Online Engineering Management Masters Programs

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