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Online Environmental Science Degrees - Environmental Science Degree Programs

Online Environmental Science Degree Programs

Environmental Science is concerned with the impact that human society has on nature. This includes the impact industry has on air, water, and soil; how environmental policy can prevent climate change and pollution; and how people can make even little choices that will improve the planet. Blending quantitative scientific methodology with conservationist values, Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary field.

Environmental scientists engage in research, testing, lab work, and other scientific procedures to develop solutions to environmental problems. Career options can include working as an environmental consultant, which involves helping companies be environmentally friendly, teaching, and non-profit work.

Academic programs are offered at every level of study in Environmental Science, from certificate to doctorate. Coursework includes physical and natural sciences, current social issues, environmental law, and mathematics. Since hands-on lab work is vital in the sciences, online programs offer distance learners sophisticated lab simulations.

With job growth expected to be around 25% over the next decade, environmental science is in the middle of a boom.