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Environmental Science Degree Programs Online

Online environmental science degree programs focus on how to solve environmental problems and create a healthier world. Students may study areas like environmental change, conservation science, hydrology, and much more, while pursuing career goals that help the planet.

Programs may be offered at different degree levels, from undergraduate to graduate. And, you may find environmental sciences programs with slightly different names and areas of focus, like environmental management or environmental studies.

What Might I Learn in an Online Environmental Science Degree?

That depends on your degree program, level, and concentration, if applicable. However, a bachelor of science program in environmental science might cover areas like humankind’s impact on climate, sustainability, fish and wildlife conservation, and other key topics.

The program may also place emphasis on “hard” math and science, requiring students to gain a thorough understanding of physics, chemistry, statistics, and more. And, undergraduate environmental science programs may require you to take some general education courses, such as college writing and humanities.

A few courses you might take in a bachelor’s program are:

  • Environmental law
  • Climatology
  • Urban Forestry
  • Ecology
  • Life Science
  • Soils in the Environment
  • Wetlands
  • Sustainable Agricultural
  • And more

Keep in mind that what you learn could also depend on what concentration you select, if your program requires you to choose an area of focus for your studies. Some potential concentrations include:

  • Conservation, resources and sustainability
  • Environmental policy and economics
  • Environmental water resources
  • And others

A Master’s program in environmental science, on the other hand, builds on students’ prior learning, and may offer new areas of focus. Students may be able to explore an area of professional interest, like conservation biology or media advocacy for the environment. Courses you might pursue in an Environmental Studies Master’s program are:

  • Conservation Genetics
  • Environmental Leadership & Community Involvement
  • Natural Systems Ecology
  • Biogeography
  • And more

What’s It Like to Earn an Environmental Science Degree Online?

Some programs may take place entirely online, while others may offer required or optional residencies.

Wondering how you can study the environment from the comfort of home? Well, some programs may encourage students to apply their learning locally, exploring their surrounding ecosystem and using it as a lab!

How Long Might It Take to Earn My Degree?

That can vary widely, considering that a bachelor’s program in Environmental Science may range from roughly 120 credits to 180 credits. It’s best to check with your prospective school to learn more.

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