Online Masters in Mechanical Engineering Programs

Online masters in mechanical engineering programs offer passionate creators like you the opportunity to hone your skills and earn a degree—without necessarily having to give up the career you love. That’s because, with the courses accessible online, you can study on the go, at home or work, often at times that are convenient for your schedule.

But online study isn’t the only reason to earn your mechanical engineering degree online—or even the best reason. It’s also a chance to build on the skills you already have. Online programs may cover essential topics like combustion, heat transfer, optimization, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and even project management, all at the graduate level. Some online programs may even use technology to simulate hands-on experience, offer limited campus-based lab opportunities, or help students organize field experience as needed.

Many programs are designed to leverage your bachelors education and professional experience, helping you to contextualize your learning through real life. That said, some programs may still be offered for students coming from other unrelated fields, who need to learn the fundamentals of engineering to take their first steps into the field.

Types of Masters in Mechanical Engineering Online Degrees

Online mechanical engineering degree programs typically offer either of two different types of masters degrees. While the specific curriculum, approach, and experiences offered in each program could vary on an individual basis, generally speaking, they work like this.

  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MS): This is often a more academically inclined program, meaning the curriculum may emphasize research and academics skills alongside practical engineering ones. They’re also usually designed to prepare students to earn a PhD in mechanical engineering. Earning an MS in Mechanical Engineering—especially if you think you might want to go on to a doctoral program—may be useful if you’re interested in leadership roles, getting involved with research, or teaching in a university engineering program.
  • Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (ME or MEng): Unlike MS programs, Master of Engineering in mechanical engineering programs are typically considered terminal professional degrees. In other words, they’re designed for people who want to put their skills into practice in the workplace, and who are not actively considering PhD program. Because these programs typically don’t emphasize research, the curriculum may be able to dedicate more time to hands-on experience, and practical and professional skills. That said, just because it’s considered a terminal degree does not necessarily mean you wouldn’t be able to apply to PhD in Mechanical Engineering programs later, if you change your mind.

When choosing your preferred masters in mechanical engineering online program, remember to take careful stock of your goals in relation to that degree. That way, you could choose the degree type that best aligns with the skills you need and the path you’d like to take in the field. Also, make sure to request more information about any programs you’re interested in, as some of them might be a little different than what’s described above.

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