How Could You Benefit from a Masters of Science, Math & Engineering?

If you like figuring out how things work, and how to make them work, consider a masters of science, math and engineering. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the science, technology, engineering and math professions were what the bureau called high-paying, with 93 of 97 careers paying above the 2009 national mean salary of $43,460.

What Could You pursue with a Masters of Science, Math and Engineering?

An online masters of science, math and engineering may open up career possibilities in specialties ranging from epidemiology,II  the study of diseases and their impact on public health, to hydrology,III the study of water and its impact on the environment and society. Math specialists may also use their master’s degree to pursue an education career.

Potential Salaries:

  • Median Salary of an Epidemiologist: $63,010IV
  • Median Salary of a Statistician: $73,830V
  • Median Salary of a Engineering manager: $124,870VI
  • Median Salary of a Mathematician: $99,380VII
  • Median Salary of a Hydrologist: $75,690VIII

What Will You Study?

Depending on your specialty, subjects you may study include math, life sciences, statistics, linear and abstract algebra, engineering mechanics and systems, public health, and environmental science.

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