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Earning an Online Math Masters Degree

Are numbers your thing? Look into earning your online math masters degree. In addition to traditional careers like math teacher and statistician, technology fields are opening up as cloud computing creates a need for data analysis.Job growth in mathematics between 2010-20 is expected to be around 17%.II

What Could You Pursue with an Online Math Masters Degree?

An online math masters degree could be applied to many different fields including computer programming, systems engineer, statistician, operations research, and teaching.III  However, some jobs,including college math professor, may require that you earn a doctoral degree.

Potential Salaries:

  • Median Salary of a Statistician: $73,830IV
  • Median Salary of a Mathematician: $99,380V
  • Median Salary of a Operations research analyst: $70,960VI
  • Median Salary of a High school math teacher: $53,230VII
  • Median Salary of a Computer programmer: $73,710VIII

What Will You Study?

Lots and lots of math. Subjects you may study as you pursue your online mathematics master’s degree include statistics, differential and integral calculus, linear and abstract algebra, differential equations, quantitative analysis, and probability theory.


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