Earn an Online Computational Science Degree

An online computational science degree program is designed for students interested in applying computational mathematics and science to new challenges. You may study topics in your degree programs like scientific programming, matrix theory, data mining, and much more.

What Is a Computational Science Degree?

Computational science uses computers to solve scientific problems. Computers, networks, software, algorithms, and more may be used to pursue and create knowledge. But, be careful not to confuse this field for computer science! Computational science is multidisciplinary and often builds on foundational knowledge in math, science, and other areas.

So, you’ll most likely find computational science degree programs at the graduate level. In the field of computational science, these may include:

  • PhD in Computational Science
  • (M.S.) Master of Science in Computational Science
  • Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computational Mathematics
  • M.S. in Computational Science and Engineering
  • And other potential programs

What Might I Learn?

That depends on your program, but you may study the theory and application of computational science as it applies to a variety of settings. For example, you might explore how to solve problems in defense technology, biomedicine, and even business.

Students may build their technical skills, and also delve deeper into a particular area of expertise. For example, a program may prepare students for a diverse set of careers by offering concentrations in areas like Applied Analysis, Information Technology and Computation, Probability and Statistics, or others. Some programs may emphasize management and leadership knowledge, as well.

And, as mentioned, computational science is multidisciplinary. So, you may wish to look for a program that emphasizes your area of interest, whether that’s engineering, mathematics, or something else.

Some courses you could potentially take include:

  • Statistical Methods and Data Analysis
  • Matrix Theory
  • Real Analysis
  • Computational Methods
  • Computational Complexity and Approximation
  • Monte Carlo Methods
  • Numerical Methods for Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Molecular Dynamics
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Computational Biophysics
  • Scientific Programming
  • And others

Some online computational science degree programs may also require an independent study. And, graduate programs tend to require a thesis or dissertation to synposis the foundational knowledge gained.

How Long Does It Take to Earn an Online Computational Science Degree?

That depends on many factors, like whether you are pursuing a master’s degree or a doctoral degree, and whether you’re a part-time or full-time student. However, a typical M.S. in computational science may require about 30-32 credits. You may be able to earn it in about two years, and some programs place a limit, such as five years, on how long you can take to complete your studies.

It’s Time to Get Started!

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