Online Associates Degree Programs in Computer Science

An associate degree can be the perfect academic route for someone who wants to gain the skills necessary to head straight into the workforce. With an online associates degree in computer science & engineering, you will acquire know-how that is in great demand. This is one of the best areas of study at the level of associate degree for employability. With cutting edge training on the latest emerging technologies, you will be prepared to move smoothly into a desired position.

Pursuing an online associates degree in computer science & engineering can help launch your career in technology. If you are already working, the flexibility of distance education can allow you to keep your job while you go to school. Take classes at the pace you want, either a bit at a time, or in more accelerated manner. The ability to customize your education is one of the very best features of online college education.

Online Associates Degree in Computer Science

If you have the aptitude for working in Computers and Engineering, consider getting the formal education you need with an online Associate Degree in Computer Science. Most people who work in this field report an interest and facility for all things related to computer technology. These are the type of skills that can be used across a broad array of work sites. Virtually every organization, be it a small non-profit, government agency, or large corporation, needs capable technical support in all their departments. With this degree you will have many options for your work environment, something that will allow you to choose the type of setting that you are most comfortable spending time in.

Prepare yourself for professional positions by starting an Associate Degree in Computer Science online. You can start at the very basic level and work your way up with learning the finer points of office software, introductory programming, and networking. Other programs offer more advanced online coursework such as Software Development, Composing and Integrating Program Components, and Computer Engineering Technology.

Many associate-program credits can be used toward the first two years of a four-year degree. If you think that you may be interested in pursuing a more advanced degree in the future, then be sure to check that the associate program in Computer Science and Engineering that you enter has transferable credits. Being an effective problem solver is key to becoming a good programmer, and you will hone your ability to find creative solutions as an online student.


We asked Professor Jill Coddington, Program Lead Advancing computer science and robotics | University of Advancing Technology - What career paths in computer science don't involve a lot of programming?

Big data is a huge trend - and this is not "heavy programming" but analysis of the data. IT is another avenue - system administration would be a prime spot in this area. Help Desk is an entry level job for a CS person who doesn't want to program a lot.

Web development has some programming but there is a lot devoted to the user experience and the "art" of designing something well.

Jill Coddington - Online Associates Degree in Computer Science

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