What Are the Benefits of a Doctorate in Technology Online?

A doctorate in technology online could help you to move to the top of a field that is moving at unprecedented speeds. A promising discipline for renewed educational advances, technology continues to see incredible job expansion. Technologists often take on projects to assess, design, implement, manage, and support computer information systems.

Completing a doctorate in technology online may take from around two to five years, depending on the individual student, and whether they have already earned a master degree. Some doctorate degrees confer a "master degree en route," meaning that students are admitted having already earned a bachelor degree, and ultimately earn both a master and doctorate by the time they are done.

Graduates from technology doctoral programs sometimes work in private industry in research and development, in government agencies participating in research laboratories, and in upper-level corporate management positions. Many other tech doctorate degree-holders move into the academic profession, serving as university professors, faculty, department heads, and senior researchers.

Specific areas of study at the graduate-level in technology offer many options, making it easier for graduate students to find a good match for their personal interests and career goals. Concentrations available in online programs may include Internet and website development, information systems management, network administration, and computer programming.

Technology has a massive impact on nearly every area of government, business, entertainment, and facility operations. Such heavy reliance on technological support is driving the higher demand for technology experts. Training at this advanced level could give you the scholarly expertise to be looked to for guidance by your colleagues and industry leaders.

By earning the highest level of education attainable you could acquire the knowledge needed to apply for top positions like technology project manager, software engineer, web developer, network administrator, computer scientist, and director of information systems. Whether you study software applications, computer hardware, or cybercrime, with an online technology doctoral degree you could gain access to just about any professional pursuit you choose to follow.

Most doctoral degrees in technology may require individuals to conduct independent research, and document their findings in a dissertation, or thesis paper. Doctorate-level coursework will likely focus on the specialization you choose in your discipline, and can give you the knowledge that could lead to career enhancement in this expanding field. Delve deep into topics that have a direct affect on your career, whether pursuing a concentration in designing network systems, maintaining computer security, or data infrastructure and management.