Earn an Online Master of GIS Degree

Online Master of GIS degree programs show students the methods of designing, using, and managing geographic information. This knowledge may be potentially useful in fields like environmental resource management, urban and regional planning, surveying and cartography, and others.

What Is an Online Master of GIS?

GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems. So, an online masters degree in GIS pertains to the study of information infrastructures related to geography. For example, you could explore conservation GIS, remote sensing, and location intelligence. And, you could study the application of GIS in fields like business and government.

Students may explore different technologies that are used for GIS, including software, programming, and LIDAR technology. For example, you could study open web mapping, which allows you to share geographic information online. You may also be able to hone your knowledge of programming and mobile app creation.

Courses you may take include:

  • Geocomputing
  • GIS and Spatial Analysis
  • Interactive Cartography and Visualization
  • GIS Database Development
  • Remote Sensing Analysis and Applications
  • GIS for Transportation Principles
  • Planning GIS for Emergency Management
  • And more!

Some programs may offer specific tracks or concentrations in the field of GIS. One example may be a geospatial intelligence track. This concentration explores how intelligence analysis may be used for purposes like law enforcement, military operations, and more.

What Are the Prerequisites for Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Geographic Information Systems?

Generally, you must have earned a bachelor’s degree prior to enrolling in an online master of GIS program. In some cases, your undergraduate major of study may not matter. (Of course, it’s important to check with your prospective program to be sure!)

However, your masters program may require you to have some background knowledge, such as undergraduate courses in introductory GIS or cartography. And, you may need to have taken statistics and quantitative methods courses.

How Long Might It Take to Earn My Master’s Degree in Geographic Information Systems Online?

Every online master of GIS program is different, but they tend to range from about 32 to 36 credits in length. Depending on your part-time or full-time status, it may take you from one to three years, or longer, to earn the degree. It’s important to contact your prospective program for the specifics.

Find the Perfect GIS Master’s Program Online!

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