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Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Information Technology

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in a field that’s projected to grow 12 percent between 2014 and 2024, you may want to consider enrolling to earn an online bachelor in information technology.i  A field that encompasses roles ranging from computer network architects to programmers to software developers, information technology positions demanding a bachelor-level education may be quite varied.i If you think you might excel at using computers, solving problems and making decisions, this may be a field for you to look into.ii  People who work in information technology typically need to be dependable, detail-oriented, cooperative and analytical.iii  If that may describe you, keep reading to learn more!

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

A bachelor’s degree may be the most common first step for students in the United States to take in higher education.iv  Typically requiring four years of study, bachelor degrees may have a number of different titles, but you might most commonly come across the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science.v  Generally, though, these different degree programs may share a basic structure: bachelor’s degrees usually require both broad and deep study.iv This means that students may often have to complete general education requirements, but also may be able to specialize in a more narrow area of the field.iv

Potential Concentrations in an Online Bachelor in Information Technology

Information technology is a broad field, and because of this, students may be able to choose from a number of different concentrations, or focus areas, within the field. This might allow a student to specialize their studies in order to better prepare to pursue a certain career after graduation. Not every program might offer concentrations, though, and the options available at different schools may not be similar. But, in case you’re curious, some potential examples of focus areas you may come across when considering your options for earning an online IT degree at the bachelor level include:

  • Project management
  • Software development
  • Information security
  • Network administration

If there’s a specific concentration within information technology you’re interested in, be sure to reach out to the schools you’re considering to see what options they might have.

Potential Coursework to Earn an Online Bachelor in Information Technology

With so many different concentrations available in the field of information technology, the classes required of offered in a Online Bachelor in Information Technology degree program might vary greatly. If you’re curious, though, some of the topics you might come across when comparing curriculums include the following:

  • Cloud technology
  • Ethics
  • Security systems
  • Open-source computing
  • Databases
  • Networking
  • Spreadsheets
  • Project management

Keep in mind that programs might not offer all or any of these classes. If there are particular subjects you want to cover during an online bachelor’s degree in information technology program, be sure to reach out to specific schools to see what their courses of study might look like.
One thing to be on the lookout for when looking into potential course requirements is whether or not any programs cannot be completed fully online. While online degree programs tend to focus on virtual coursework, some schools may require students to complete residencies or enroll in other aspects of programs on campus or otherwise in person. Be sure to look into this before enrolling!

Potential IT Career Pursuits

Depending on what coursework you take in a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology or what concentration you choose, there are different types of careers to pursue within the broad field of information technology. One position for which the required entry-level education is a bachelor’s degree is as a computer network architect.i If you like to work with the design and creation of data communication networks, this might be a discipline to look  In 2015, the median annual pay for this position was $100,240.vii

Another potential option to pursue might be a career as a computer programmer, someone who writes and tests code that allows computers and software to operate correctly.viii  The median annual pay for this position in 2015 was $79,530.ix 

If you would prefer to work with storing and organizing data, you might want to pursue a career as a database administrator.x  Growing at a faster-than-average rate, this position demands an entry-level education of a bachelor’s degree, and was paid a median annual salary of $81.710 in 2015.x

Start Your Search

If you’re ready to figure out which online bachelor’s degree in information technology program might be perfect for you, get going right here on by checking out our sponsored listings. If you see any programs that interest you, be sure to reach out to the specific school for additional information. Good luck!

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