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Online Master Degree in Information Technology Programs

For students looking to further their education in a field that might be growing faster than average between 2014 and 2024, information technology might be a good options.i By 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects there to be 488,500 new jobs in computer and information technology occupations.i This increase might be driven by a number of factors, from the importance of cloud computing and big data, to the spreading use of the internet.i If you think you can use your skills of creativity, communication and analysis in a job, you might be a good fit to pursue an information technology career.ii  One way to do this might be to enroll to earn an online masters in information technology.

Details of an Online Masters in Informational Technology 

Typically, master’s degrees may be what are considered graduate degrees,iii or second-cycle degrees, which are earned after the student has completed a bachelor’s degree programs.iv Generally, it may take one to two years of study beyond a bachelor’s degree to earn a master’s degree.iii

There may typically be two types of master’s degree programs that you’ll come across – those awarding research master’s degrees and those awarding professional master’s degrees.iv Research master’s degrees, as you might expect, tend to focus on research, usually in academic fields.iv They may generally require students to complete a thesis, often under the supervision of a faculty advisor.iv

A professional master’s degree program, meanwhile, may typically focus on preparing a student to pursue a career in a specific field after graduation.iv As such, they may typically involve coursework relating to the duties of this profession, possibly including an internship.iv

Even within the same field, you may be able to find both research master’s degrees and professional master’s degrees, so be sure to check with the school itself to see what the focus of their programs might be for an online masters in information technology.

Concentrations in Information Technology

Aside from different degree types, online IT master’s programs may vary according to which concentrations, if any, they might offer. Concentrations are areas of focus within a field that allow students to specialize while completing their coursework. Depending on the program, you may be able to choose one of the following topics as a concentration within your online masters in information technology:

  • Databases
  • Game design
  • Health informatics
  • Security
  • Software development
  • Project management
  • Network management

Keep in mind that the programs you may take a look at may not offer all, or even any, of these concentrations. Be sure to reach out to the school specifically to find out what focus areas they may offer.

Coursework to Earn an Online Masters in Information Technology

Depending on the program, the courses offered or required to earn a master’s in IT online may differ greatly. If you’re curious about what a course of study in the field could potentially look like, though, take a look at the courses listed below which might be examples of courses you could come across when investigating online masters in information technology degree programs

  • Data visualization
  • IT management
  • Web site design
  • Ethics
  • Law
  • Database design
  • Project management
  • Network administration
  • Security systems

Be sure to contact the schools of your interest to find out exactly what their course offerings might be, as they can vary greatly depending on the program and concentration.

Careers to Pursue After Earning a Master’s Degree in Information Technology Online

There may be a number of different potential careers to pursue upon graduation from an online IT degree program.i Depending on the degree you earn and the coursework or concentration you choose, you may prefer one path to the others. Keep in mind, though, that master’s degrees may not be required for all of the career pursuits in the field. In fact, most careers in IT may demand only a bachelor’s degree as entry-level education.i  Earning a master’s degree in the field, though, may help you pursue a job, as some employers may prefer candidates with these qualifications.ii

One potential career to look into could be as a computer systems analyst. People in this position may typically design information systems for an organization in order to help them operate effectively.v In 2015, the median annual income for this position was $85,

Another potential option could be to pursue a career as a computer programmer. These workers may usually perform tasks including the writing of code in computer languages, troubleshooting and fixing programs, or working with software developers.vii In 2015, their median salary was $79,530.viii

Getting Started

If you’re ready to get moving on your search for the perfect way for you to earn a master’s degree in IT online, you can begin right here on! Check out our sponsored listings, and if you see any you like, be sure to reach out to the school itself for more information. Good luck!

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