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Earning an Online PhD in Technology Management

Are you an experienced IT professional who wants to take your career to the next level? If so, you may want to consider earning a Technology Management PhD Online. By earning a doctoral degree, you’ll attain the highest level of education possible in the country.i  What does that mean? Basically, earning your PhD in technology management may illustrate your expertise—while helping you gain strong business decision-making skills and technical know-how to help you pursue upper-level positions in the field. Keep in mind, you will need to complete advanced classes so it’s important that you’re highly motivated and willing to put the time and effort in to be successful. Speaking of time, earning your PhD in technology management may take anywhere from two to six years, depending on the specifics of the program and your previous educational experience.

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What can I expect in a Technology Management PhD Online?

Really it depends on what type of graduate technology management program online you chose—and the school or universities you attend. For instance, a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program is more likely to be broader and focus on research and theory—while a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) will likely concentrate more on building your business leadership skills. While enrolled in a PhD in technology or information systems management program you may learn how to gain maximum value from investing in organizational systems, enhance your leadership skills, and grow your knowledge of IT areas like e-commerce systems or security management. If you chose to pursue a DBA in technology or information systems management, your studies may focus on gaining the skills and knowledge to match business needs with technological solutions, developing your critical thinking and leadership skills, and using technology to gain competitive advantage for businesses through a Technology Management PhD Online.

What types of courses may I take while earning my doctoral degree?

Coursework for an technology management PhD online or DBA program online will likely emphasize helping students at their universities gain a deeper understanding of both applied research and theoretical concepts. And, no matter what program you choose, you can bet on having to complete a capstone project or research thesis as part of earning your degree. Your curriculum may include a mix of different types of foundation courses, business courses, research methods courses, IT seminar courses—and doctoral studies courses to help prepare you for completing your thesis or capstone project. Although specifics will vary depending on what school and technology management degree program you attend, here is a sampling of some of the topics you may study:

  • Research theory, design & methods: Focuses on helping students understand, analyze, and design doctoral-level research.ii
  • Managing information systems: Covers information systems including management concepts and principles for proper implementation of information technology.ii
  • Contemporary business challenges: Focuses on topics like crisis and change management, disruptive technology, innovation, and time management.iii
  • Information systems implementation: Explores issues including project management, outsourcing, and requirements analysis as they relate to implementing information systems in organizations.iv
  • Economics & information systems: Examines the impact of IT on market structures, supply and demand for IT, and the economics of the Internet.iv

What types of positions may I pursue after earning my PhD in technology management?

As we mentioned earlier, after earning your technology management PhD online you may want to pursue high-level positions in information technology. Computer and information systems managers (also known as IT managers or IT project managers) plan, organize, and direct the computer-related activities of an organization—including helping to set IT goals and implementing systems to reach them.  Some examples of high-level IT management positions include chief information officers (the top of the pack), chief technology officers, and IT directors.v And, if you do successfully pursue a chief information officer position, you may then go on to pursue a top executive position within your It’s important to keep in mind that IT directors likely need 5 to 10 years of work-related experience—and chief technology officers may need 15+ years of experience—to be seriously considered by   So it’s not just about earning your Technology Management PhD Online degree!

What is the potential job outlook for IT managers?

According to the BLS, employment of computer and information systems managers is expected to grow by 15% from 2014-2024, which is much faster than average!  As more and more firms move their operations to digital platforms, the demand for IT managers will likely rise because they are the ones who can implement these technologies.vii New jobs may also result from increasing cybersecurity needs from businesses and industries like retail, who are looking to enhance their security policies against cyber threats.vii Interestingly, employment of IT managers in the insurance carriers industry is projected to grow by a whopping 26%.vii So that’s something to keep in mind…

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What are some potential benefits of earning your Technology Management PhD Online?

As a working professional, having the flexibility to balance job, home, and other life responsibilities with earning your degree is extremely important. And that’s where online learning comes in! Being free to complete your studies anytime or anywhere with an Internet connection is obviously a huge benefit. Especially, when it comes to the rigorous coursework of a technology management PhD online—you have a thesis to worry about! But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be all alone in completing your degree. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to interact—and network—with fellow students and professors through discussions boards, video chat, and other technology. You’ll also have plenty of opportunity to take advantage of support from online services like online research libraries, tutoring, or even doctoral mentoring programs. Just check with your prospective schools before you enroll to confirm what types of support services universities may offer graduate students.

How do you get started with a Technology Management PhD Online?

Take a couple of minutes to browse through our sponsored listings of schools that offer PhD or doctoral programs in technology management and see which ones are a perfect match for your career goals and learning preferences. Then, we make it easy to reach out to your schools of interest to get more information on their programs, so you can make an informed decision and choose the technology management PhD online that is the best one for you.

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