Online masters of technology management

Earning an Online Master’s Degree in Technology Management

Looking to pursue a mid-to-upper management position in information technology? Think, IT managers, IT directors, or chief information officers…If so, earning an online Masters of Technology Management may be a great way to boost your credentials and show your expertise in the field. Information Technology Management Masters programs typically combine IT managerial knowledge, industry skills, and business understanding to help give you a broad blend of skills in both technology and management. And, once you graduate, you may pursue managerial IT roles in a wide range of settings from non-profits, to industry, and big business.  Earning a master’s degree usually takes around two years to complete, but this will vary depending on the program and your previous educational experience.i

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What can I expect in an Online Masters of Technology Management?

Online technology management master degree programs are typically directed at students who’ve already earned a bachelor’s degree and may have some experience in information technology. The exact curriculum you study will differ depending on the school and the type of degree program you choose. For example, a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Information Technology Management will likely focus more heavily on the business side of things, while a Master of Science (MS) in Information Technology Management may focus a bit more on the technological aspects of the field.

Some of the potential learning outcomes of earning your online Masters of Technology Management may include: mastering your critical thinking skills to analyze business challenges and come up with innovative solutions; building strong leadership skills; maximizing market, customer service, and revenue opportunities via technological innovations; avoiding or preventing expensive data losses, outages, or security breaches; and developing strategic advantages for companies through emerging technologies like Big Data.

What types of courses may I take in a Masters of Technology Management?

Coursework for a master’s degree in technology management may help you gain an understanding of the technical aspects of your field, along with the business acumen to make important decisions. However—as we mentioned above—curricula will vary depending on the type of online Masters of Technology Management program you choose.  For example, an MBA program designed to help you learn how to execute technological planning decisions in a business environment may include coursework that touches on:

  • Information Technology Management: Focuses on organizational structure, process, and adoption of new information systems technology; management of IT within an organization; and project management.ii
  • Business Economics: Focuses on micro- and macro-economic theory as it applies to business.ii
  • Organizational Leadership: Covers managing staff at all levels including individuals, teams, and internal or external networks.ii
  • Marketing and Strategy: Overviews topics like strategic positioning, pricing strategies, market opportunities, market analysis, and product differentiation.ii
  • Advanced Information Technology: Focuses on principles behind the analysis, design, implementation, and management of information technology systems.ii

An MS program with a focus on information management may help you enhance your technical skills and learn about business management best practices through courses like:

  • Object-Oriented Application Development: Introduces the principles and practices of object-oriented software development and provides a foundation for developing effective software.iii
  • Operating Systems: Covers computer architecture and operating systems of computers, including commonly used systems such as DOS, UNIX, and Windows.iii
  • IT Project and Team Management: Overviews subjects like project scope, time, cost, and human resource management as they apply to IT project management issues.iii
  • Principles of Database Design: Studies the design, development, and implementation of database management systems.iii
  • Enterprise Resource Planning: Explores business management practices as they relate to information technology and supporting business objectives.iii

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll likely have to compete a capstone project as part of earning your master’s degree in technology management. So it may be a good idea to ask about the capstone or thesis requirements from your schools of interest. 

What types of careers could I pursue with an Online Masters of Technology Management?

When it comes to IT management careers, it’s important to note that in addition to your degree, some experience in the field is generally required. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), lower level management positions may require only a few years of experience, while directors often need 5 to 10 year of related experience—and chief technology officers (CTOs) may need more than 15 years of experience before being seriously considered.  Generally, smaller or less established companies will not require as much IT experience as larger or more established organizations.iv

There are also are variety of types of IT manager roles at different levels. For example, chief information officers (CIOs) are responsible for the overall big-picture technology strategy for an organization.v CTOs are responsible for designing and recommending the right technology solutions to support the policies of CIO.  IT directors are in charge of overseeing an organizations’ IT department—including directly supervising employees and coordinating IT activities.iv Finally, IT security managers are responsible for overseeing and protecting network and data security for organizations.v When it comes to advancement, IT directors or project managers may go on to become CTOs; CTOs may advance to become CIOs; and CIOs may move up to become top executives.iv Confused yet?

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What are some benefits of earning your Information Technology Management Masters online?

Let’s get down to brass tacks and focus on the major benefits of earning your online Masters of Technology Management. Number one has got to be the flexibility and convenience of online learning. Whether you’re worried about family obligations, or your busy work schedule, earning your degree online may make it easier to fit everything in. And, don’t forget to mention to your employer that you’re building skills and expertise that you may be able to apply on the job! There’s also the added benefit of being able to attend your online classes from the comfort of home. Not only that, you may also take advantage of networking opportunities as you engage with your professors and fellow students through discussion boards, video chats, or email.  And, online learning really couldn’t be more suited to students who already have some tech skills!

How do you get started with a Masters in Technology Management?

You’re already so close! Just take a look at our sponsored listings of schools offering  online Masters of Technology Management degrees. Then reach out to the ones that seem like they might be a perfect fit for your career needs and goals to get more details on their respective programs. Your final mission, should you choose to accept it, is choosing the program that appeals most to you!

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