Online PhD in Telecom and Networking

Earning a doctoral degree in networks online may enable graduates to pursue high-level research and teaching positions. Research-oriented graduate studies with specialization in networking for a doctorate may include advanced scholarship and applied research. You may be able to demonstrate mastery of your field, ability to complete independent research, and in-depth knowledge of information technology and networks.

A doctoral degree is also known as a PhD, or Doctor of Philosophy in Networks. Your studies will require you to implement scientific research, as well as write and defend your dissertation, or thesis paper. Dissertations are expected to be of publication quality in professional peer-reviewed journals. Entrance requirements to a PhD program in networks include a previously earned master degree and experience with computer technology.

Networking and Telecommunications, Networks Management, and Communications Management are some of the areas of concentration that you might find through an online doctorate degree. With geographical barriers no longer an issue because of distance education, you will not have to worry about uprooting your family or leaving a good job behind to go after the highest degree in the country. PhD programs vary in duration from about two to six years, depending on the program expectations and the pace that the student is able to maintain.

Online sources are now able to offer quality education at the doctorate-level of study in topics like Networks, Networking and Telecommunications, and Network Management. Taking online classes may be a desirable option for working professionals who need a more flexible schedule. You could discover the convenience that an online degree has to offer someone with a busy lifestyle. The ability to access classes, fellow students and instructors through the Internet may allow you to go to school on your own time.

Coursework in an online program for networks at the PhD level may give you the expertise you need to go on to independent research and complete your dissertation and defense successfully. Online classes would be similar to topics such as Research Methodologies and Statistics, Network Protocol and Security, Wireless Application Networks, Firewalls and Disaster Recovery, and Business Data and Network Administration.

Completing an online doctorate degree in networks may put you at the top of your field, and give you expert status recognition from your peers. You may choose to become a leader in the private sector of information technology, or go on to teach as an instructor or professor at institutions of higher learning.