Healthcare Administration Certificate Programs

Certificate in Healthcare Administration Online programs offer business-minded individuals the opportunity to learn specialized skills that may be applied to developing, planning and managing health care systems. Medical and health services managers, also known in their industry as healthcare executives and healthcare administrators are in demand; the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 17% rise in employment for this occupation from 2014 to 2024. [i]

If you are interested in meeting this forecast with a strong academic foundation, earning a healthcare management certificate online warrants consideration. Distance learning usually allows you to schedule your courses at your convenience, which might be appealing to current professionals including individuals contemplating a career change.

Certificate in Healthcare Administration Online

Certificate in Healthcare Administration Online Programs: Basics

Online healthcare administration certificate programs are usually intended for students who are drawn to directing and coordinating medical and health services for specific facilities, a clinical department, or a medical practice.[ii] Prospective students to online graduate certificate in healthcare administration programs typically need a Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline and may need to fulfil other university-specific requirements.

While program lengths vary, a healthcare administration certificate usually is shorter-term than a full masters degree and could therefor entail about 4 to ten courses and about one year. This is certainly a variable. Some online schools for healthcare administration may allow students to use the certificate credits towards their masters in healthcare administration and management at a later date.

DID YOU KNOW? According to the BLS, “Most medical and health services managers have at least a bachelor’s degree before entering the field. However, master’s degrees are common and sometimes preferred by employers. Educational requirements vary by facility”[iii].

Online Healthcare Administration Certificate Programs: Potential Courses

While curriculums vary, students in online healthcare administration certificate programs may take course topics such as[iv]:

  • Business management
  • Financial Management
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Facility Management (hospital, nursing home)
  • Health Laws and Regulations
  • Policy Making

Possible Healthcare Administration Certificate Titles

  • Certificate of Graduate Study in Healthcare Management & Policy
  • Health Care Administration, Certificate
  • Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management

Students may also be able to take electives or tailor their certificate curriculum to a particular industry such as nursing home administration, departmental administration, health informatics or general management. These are some of the different areas that one could cultivate expertise in. [v]

Take the Next Step: Apply for a Certificate in Healthcare Administration Online

An online healthcare administration certificate usually brings together both management and healthcare oriented courses; this could leverage your already existing strengths and provide potentially marketable skills in this fast-growing industry[vi]. Browse our sponsored program listings, then request info from prospective schools to make sure you are prepared for their next enrollment period.

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