Online Certificate Programs in Counseling Psychology

Online Certificate in Counseling Psychology Programs help current and aspiring counselors expand their skills and knowledge outside of a degree program. Many online certificate programs are offered at the graduate level, designed to support experienced practicing psychologists. However, some may also be offered at the undergraduate level to those without experience.

Online certificate programs might serve to fulfill continuing education requirements, help counselors study to expand their practice areas, or hone new therapy techniques. At the undergraduate level, certificate programs might be used in two ways: to support another related degree program, or to help a student see what earning a counseling psychology degree might be like.

Online certificates might be offered with a range of focus areas. The specific offerings may vary by school and program.

Counseling Psychology Basics

Counseling psychology is a unique specialty within the broader field of psychology, which aims to help individuals and groups overcome specific problems or develop specific skills related to functioning effectively in society.

Counseling psychology programs counseling and therapy skills with the rigor of psychology research and practice. Some may choose to focus on the needs of a certain population or a specific issue. This could include addiction, emotional health, family issues, LGBT issues, trauma and grief, and more.

Online counseling certificate programs are typically short, able to be completed in a year or less, depending on the student’s preferred course load and program of choice. Because these credentials are not degrees, the certificates alone may not fulfill education prerequisites to seek employment.

Types of Online Counseling Psychology Certificate Programs

Online certificate in counseling psychology programs may be offered at the undergraduate or graduate level. However, masters and post-masters certificates, offered by counseling psychology graduate programs, may be somewhat more common than the others.

Because these programs are comparatively shorter than degree programs, involving fewer courses, they often (though not always) focus on a specific topic of interest. Often, these align with specific patient populations or areas of need. Some examples include:

  • Religious or Pastoral Counseling
  • Addiction Counseling
  • Trauma & Grief Counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • LGBT Issues

And others! Contact your school to learn more about the types of certificate programs online that may be available.

Counseling Psychology Career Infoi

Certification and licensure requirements for counseling psychologists typically vary by state and practice area. Most states require specific licensure in order to use the title “psychologist.” While the requirements vary, a doctorate in counseling psychology or a related field is a common prerequisite. Counseling psychologists also typically need to complete a certain amount of supervised experience and to pass an exam.

Often, these credentials need to be maintained after being earned, through continuing education. Earning a certificate in counseling psychology may be one way to work toward satisfying these requirements.

Other counseling and therapy roles may have different requirements. Some roles may not require certification or licensure at all. For more information on the requirements in your state related to your chosen career path, contact your program, the national board of certified counselors, or the body responsible for issuing licensure in your state.

Find Certificate in Counseling Psychology Online Programs

Take your first steps toward earning a certificate in counseling psychology online right here! First, review the sponsored program listings on this page. Click on any listing that sounds promising to read more and get in touch with them.

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