How to Be a Successful College Student

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If you will be attending college in the fall, here are some tips that could help you be the best college student possible. While the college experience is not the same for everyone and may vary depending on if you are attending school in-person or online or in-state or out-of-state, for example, there are some key principles you could follow that might assist you in reaching your full college potential and to become a successful college student.

How to be a Successful College Student

Making the most of college resources.

Successful students want to make the most of their college experience and part of accomplishing this feat might be visiting the library to study throughout the semester, turning to the campus writing center for assistance, or using career services for help in securing internships. Your college campus, whether a physical location or online, could be the best place to find the help you need. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you find yourself in need of assistance.

Using tools to stay organized.

Students who are striving for college success use tools. Whether it is a smartphone app that helps them stay organized and sends them study reminders or a physical Day Planner to track assignment due dates and exam times, successful students make the most of organizational tools. There are many study apps that could make prepping for exams easier such as Quizlet which offers online studysets created by others or that you can make yourself or where you can find online flashcards to study with.

Utilizing office hours.

Your professors could be your greatest college resources. Not only do they set up office hours so you can drop by if you are having difficulties understanding class materials or if you need to discuss grades, you may find that they are a great sources of recommendation letters if you do well in their courses and are respectful.

Weekly schedules.

If you want the best chance for college success, you should create a weekly schedule. Be sure to include in this schedule, study times, work hours, some downtime, and even work-out time frames. You should get enough sleep in college to function at your best so if you map out your week you can even include 8 hours of sleep. Your body and brain should thank-you as you near finals.

Study groups and exam prep to be a Successful College Student.

Joining or creating a study group could be one of the best tips for doing well on exams. If you meet throughout the semester, you can go over lecture materials and review anything that you need more help with as you go along. Because you didn’t wait until the week before finals to begin reviewing class materials, you should find that you have absorbed pertinent information and that there is no need to cram. If your professor gives your class a review session, take it seriously. Write down any notes that could help you later on and ask questions.

Being a successful college student doesn’t have to be difficult. If you connect with your peers, take the time to meet your professors, get organized, and plan ahead, you might discover that earning good grades and enjoying your college experience isn’t too challenging.